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  1. I like Chocolate Milk too...Want to swap choco milk stories?
  2. I got New Nike Shox T-t-t-urbo 13's (all black dawg), One Geforce gtx 560 (waiting on the second one), new tv, Sunflower Seeds, A car (That has an oil leak), a gift card, some cash, and some new steel-toe boots. Pretty sweet ass christmas this year, and the world didnt implode so thats a good thing..i guess
  3. So you like bangin' another chick with a double headed dildo then? **slow claps I lol'd.
  4. Stackhouse N. A woman with a particularly large rack. (2)The sexual position referring to two hermaphrodites have sex using both pairs of opposite genitalia simultaneously. Meaning both penises in both vaginas. Lol Mercy
  5. I lol'd at mine (1)Be close to guys named Rick. They are good loyal friends. Ricks are athletic and kind. Soon, you might just see yourself dating a Rick after being friends with him for awhile. Ricks would rather hang out with real, down to earth girls then whores or people that dress like sluts. If you are a simple nice down to earth girl, he will fall for you so quick. Ricks respect relationships and other people in general. Ricks are amazing and they are not fake!! They are cute and good kissers. :-) (2) to remove santorum orally I ricked my girlfriend so I wouldn't get santorum on the bedsheet (3) A pimp. A baller. A thug. An over-all good guy who keeps his game game-tight. The popular one. A prince of God with an unimaginable inheritance in which wealth could not ever begin to describe. An attractive magnificence that is beyond the glory of this world. Probably the bestest friend you will ever have. The coolest person you will ever meet.
  6. I've never played it but i was thinking of getting after seeing some funny ass MP videos..
  7. I want to grow my hair out right now..only problem is if it gets too long it looks like a fro
  8. Why you hitting Grills bro thats not cool especially on the internet.
  9. Beards are awsome..but a Handle bar mustache is acceptable to me,
  10. They should parody the Occupy Movement and use that for road blocks. Intead they are rioting for their right to use sauce on nuggets
  11. Yeah it runs.. $15,000..too poor i can dream though
  12. What pisses me off is people that can't just respect a decade of music or even an artist. It's like just chill the fuck out and listen to your own shit
  13. Marney knows whats up!! That shit is awsome Robins lol
  14. i've been 5 miles into Utah..had to turn around AZ,Cali desert, and New mexico kick ass. TN Is okay Nashville is awsome memphis..not so much.
  15. Virginia doesnt get any snow watchu talking bout willis. just saying