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    Taking a tumble on Nemo Salsa Roll at the ring of Fire. Nemo incoming on Dozy. The first corner on Bones's race. Nemo's plate lol Mercy and Petrie are going the wrong way Extreme hill climb. Bones gets it. So do I Dup jumps over our bodies Taking out Weev at the start of round 2 Then everyone gets it Jizzy isn't looking so good. It's been awhile since I did this routine so give me a break. Hey Gtagrl, Hi Hey Weev, Hi Hey Nemo, Hi Kuz vs Emz Emz wins. DIdn't see that coming Kuz sure didn't Hey Weev, Hi Then Gtagrl rolls up on me ( literally ) Running down Nemo in "Ramps of death" Emz just trottin' along lol Bones kills Dozy Then... doesn't look good for me. But I got the clip so we all knew how this ended. Jizzy flying through the air An Axe to the face before he had a chance to get up. NPC killing time Emz Bones. No flying hat :( on Gtagrl. Nemo calling the shot And perfect Dup just on time to see.
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    We'll start off with shots that don't seem to have a post but I had clips. Zake, Me, and Others (I don't remember). GTAGrl getting some booze Got enough GTAGrl? Don't worry, I brought my own! Some biker night where we were waiting on you guys to show up. Ok. Now we're at the proper pics of this post: Going old school! Kek (Dozy?) and I causing some trouble. Damn! Sooooo close Dup! This is why you don't try to catch planes in the literal way. Emz, Mercy, and I posing as Dup makes his trademark landing. Dup bailing out'o da choppa and getting caught in the propellers. Bones and I sharing some lead. Dup showing off his gun to Emz while Bones waits his turn...she doesn't seem too impressed. Me showing off my gun to Kek...he seems happy...and impressed. On our way to Sandy Shores. Didn't intend to add this one but hey, here it is. Mercy and Dio playing the action stars! What's an IGTA night without a few crew members flying though the air? Back to Photoshop to fill in some space! Just floating away. Kaboom! Well, good luck guys! Dio's new front bumper. It squeeks and cusses you out when you hit stuff. Dio playing dead to fool the cops. What's up officer? Nothing to see here. Better than E.T.! (I have a sense of Deja Vu, I'm pretty sure I've done this shot before). It's not what you think! I was breakdancing... ...Dio and Mercy though were not. Dio, being the gentleman that he is, punches Mercy hard in the face to get her out of the way of the incoming forklift. Mercy, being the _itch that she is, does not return the favor. Weev just taking a casual stroll up the ramp...also gotta love it when I don't hide the HUD. Time to hug that wall and pray for the best. Dup and I in a race to the top! SUCK IT DUP!!!!... ...SHIT!!!!! Where the hell did that come from?!!! Mercy has the "hugging the wall" down pat, Kuz on the other hand does not. What's this?! Dio picking on Mercy?!! Looks like Mercy is giving as good as she gets! Not one to miss out on beating down Dio, I join in. We may have lost the round but at least I got this shot! Toy racing.... ...real-er racing! You get what I mean! I know what Dio would have done...I still have the scars (both emotional and physical). "Take her out Dio!" "Kek...*cough*...but why?..." Well that's all.
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    I made a new friend https://i.imgur.com/OVew7C6.jpg
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