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    Like I said in the other topic I doubt the AI will be that revolutionary, they lauded it in SA and V and it turned out to be nothing special. You might get that "wow that was special" feeling the first time you see an NPC do something unique, but after the 50th time it'll feel as robotic and scripted as it always has.
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    Kind of difficult when it happens all the time. We all know how the gaming media hypes stuff up. Partly to get attention for themselves and partly because the developer wants it. Sometimes the previews exaggerate things to make them sound more awesome than they really are but I think that's the developer leading them on about the game since the media isn't getting an in-depth preview they are just going by what the developer says. For Max Payne 3's multiplayer Rockstar was hyping how the series of game modes you play follow a "story" that depends on x-y-z factors blah blah blah. To me it just seemed random. Maybe they had some algorithm that decided what game mode to go to next but it wasn't anything special. I don't think anyone cared or even noticed. They were just hyping something small.