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    Finally got the bugger finished, well did as much as I could as I pushed it to it's limit again (glitching!). Anyway, here's the pics of my new build 'Starlightworld' - I wanted to make reference to where it was built and I couldn't think of anything else to call it. It's a 'multi-purpose' entertainment venue with 3 cinema screens, a main auditorium for gigs, concerts, plays etc, a comedy club, an arcade/games area, pool room, computer room, a gym, 2 cafes, a restaurant/bar, a nightclub and a roof top terrace/bar. Lower floor cafe (also has an upstairs seating area) Some of the toilet facilities Restaurant/bar Kitchen One of the lobbies Help desk Main auditorium from the ground floor Main auditorium from the third floor Main auditorium looking from the stage One of the bars in one of the lobbies Cinema screens and seating areas Main auditorium control box Projection room Staff living quarters Computer room - including cubicles for the dirty-minded!! Upper level cafe Gaming & arcade room Pool room Gym Some of the gym changing facilities (dogs normally not allowed! ) Comedy club Night club Rooftop terrace & bar I was going to say this would be my final build.... but I said that last time! Now onto other things.
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    epic stuff man, Bethesda should give you a copy of the next game free. I think in you could make this into a successful youtube channel if you wanted, A lot of ways to make $$ on youtube now, e.g., patreon...
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