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    It felt good to immortalize the Red Rocket in Nuka World - but the Commonwealth is a different story. The Operators own that NW site, and I actually built it like my settlements and prefer it over the Fizztop Grille HQ. Decked it out with all the stuff they like, plus the farm and protection, it looks and feels pretty raider cool. Also riding the rides is pretty fun, and i still like making all the different Nuka Colas variations. My Sanctuary palace has always been a museum, right now build 3 has all the awesome weapons in display, , as well as the costumed mannequins from Nuka World and the DLC's as well. I just added the Nuka Cola Orange Mixer to the party area by the Pommel Horse in both the Vault and Sanctuary so everyone in the settlement can enjoy. I'm so retarded. If you've spent any long amount of time building up the free world, losing any settlement feels dirty. I just got an alert that Outpost Zimonja was under attack, and was witness to the Pack killing one of my own. So i did a little test to bend the rules, but not enable the Doctor's quest. I basically stripped out every build, bed, and bit of food from these guys on my land. Took down their flag and beacon. Traded with them and took everything they have. Now when they get attacked, good luck defending. They have nothing. BUT - I did not 're-take' because that would mean killing all raider factions and making Gage hostile. For now I keep the distance - my BOS guy will not be so kind. There was no loss or failure. As I told Massacre, after a year of building up, I've already lost over 7 settlements for giving up just 3.....that's a load of dogshit. This DLC has no story backed by the Commonwealth. Doesn't make sense. Nordhagen all hate me and I can no longer use build menu. That's fucked, I built it beautiful and was at 95% happiness. Murkwater is dead in the water, no use at all, by anyone as it was owned by Disciple dudes. Now just an activity marker on the work chest, which will not allow you to do anything, and the 3 lonely Provisioners walking around in their Heavy Combat gear...... I should have chosen the airport or the mechanist's lair as they are uninhabited. Anyway, good luck with your raider game. We can always start a new game! EDIT: Same test results with Croup Manor and the Operators - BOS invaded, I did nothing to help.. Stripped the place of everything except the build chest - no messages of failure or otherwise. So maybe we will hear about this from Shank? I don't know...I just play it as I go. Here are some shots of Sanctuary Palace 3 interior floors 1 & 2 of 3, just a homey home of weaponry and apparel. Not a Shabbtastic build, but these are the most serious weapons in the game mounted for quick grabbing and use! Screen 2 - December's Child maxed out and idolized above the desk by the bed, on the 2nd floor. I love this gun.
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    make sure you all turn your systems on today when you get a chance, so it can download the new firmware update before crew night ... i feel like a theme like this would warrant actual editor clips to be saved and used for snaps or videos... i think there's gonna be some funny moments... i say we just do shenanigans galore, it'll look funny as dapper animals... i only had one idea for a snap, a mafia style shot on a roosevelt...
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    I 'took over' three of my settlements and felt quite dirty for doing so - just didn't seem right even though the settlements were sparsely populated. Which leads me to asking.... can you 're-take' a settlement and get shut of the raiders? (and would doing that doctor's quest have any bearing on these settlements?). Anyway, I've been busy at work trying to finish off Sanctuary Hills - I think I may finally get it finished this week, so be prepared for shit loads of screenshots! I think I've pushed it to it's very limit as the frame rate is pretty poor when in workshop mode. Managed to get my museum finished which is now equipped with Nuka World stuff. Was also going to build a 'church' but decided to make it into a 'fun factory' with the games from Nuka World along with the Nuka World mixers. I've built that much that Sanctuary Hills is practically unrecognisable. Here's a 'sneak preview' ahead of the full unveiling later this week!