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    My pants are completely soiled
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    Just got my hands on this book. Synopsis: It's about a man who developed the most successful persistent online VR world, then died and left his billion dollar fortune to one lucky player who finds his "easter egg" in the world. And that's where the story begins. It feels like a mixture of Willy Wonka, Indiana Jones, and The Matrix. So many cool retro and nostalgic references to the 70's, 80's and early 90's too. I can't put it down!
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    The Olympics aren't until next year... but the Special Olympics are this July. Get your derp on, iGTA.
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    It was fun playing with you guys again.
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    Hi all, Here is my GTA 5 PC benchmark with the best compromise for constant 60 FPS with textures very high.
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    What's the title/author, Dup? The image is scrambled for me. I'm now into the 7th Outlander book, the 8th is on standby, I think the author Gabaldon is working on the 9th right now, it might be the last. They're in the thick of the American Revolution now...so naturally it makes me think of AC III. This story is so epic I'll probably re-read them all again over the summer.
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    I was bored. Then I drank gin, played the Dubliners and sent 14 selfies to my boss. Including: Ha ha. Fucking lol. Can't