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    Husband & Wife DrBeatnicpie & Sovan Arrow (our XBox Live names)
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    dio, don't forget the dozer/extra barrels idea for the issi match (if it works)... i think adding more barrel's near the dozer would make getting a new "ball" a lot easier then trying to push one back to the center... --- i could of swore someone here created a match in this location... here's my version, and if the first test was any indication, it's got potential... i was extremely limited with spawn locations, i was surprised i fit in tear gas and molotovs to go with the standard pistol... Domestic Violence Deathmatch/TDM - 2 to 4 Players http://rsg.ms/1gGvgw7 <-- add to game... There's trouble brewing inside the De Santa residence. Thugs from rival gangs hired to take out Micheal run into each other while the family is away shopping. No one is leaving here alive today.
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    My new haircut was so eye-boggling... That my eyes fell out.... I wanna go to Vice City.....
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    What the devil is an "assisted dirty jackal"? I'd have invited you all, but it was such a private ceremony that we didn't even invite family. In retrospect, keeping family away from our wedding, it was pretty much stress free. It also made running off to consummate the marriage super easy!
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    Y'all make me feel so damn cool. And some back story for anyone who missed it before. We met playing Red Dead Redemption's Co-op missions. Myself and two other guys had been playing through a few missions and doing alright. We were chatting and having a good old time. But then a GIRL joined the lobby before we started The Escape. First words out her mouth, "You're all going down, bitches. Check out my score," in a lovely Yorkshire (Northern England) accent. And she was right. Us men said not a word as she ran around killing everything and talking all kinds of trash. "You're all crap!" "Send a woman to do a man's job." "Donkey ball sucking noobs." That kind of thing. Then, during The River, she got shot down at Crooked Toes. "I need a prick in the ass!" she cried out. I mustered all my courage, stepped up to her character and said, "I've got your prick right here," and revived her. She cackled loudly, and a great romance began...
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    If you ever need a second woman for a threesome, my freezer is available.
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    If you ever need a 2nd man for a threesome I'm available.
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    Nope.... Someone decided that was a good paint job
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    Wow...in that autumn rain, it actually looks rather attractive. Good pics.
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    This happened a few hours ago. For further details, ask Otiz and/or Ghostman. Who knows, one of them might post a picture showing how they barricaded me, the strippers and other NPCs inside Vanilla Unicorn.
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    Thanks guys/girls those guides helped a ton!
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    This one is for the igta 'Valentine Massacre' event playlist tomorrow night. Mobster Inspired of course. The Gas Man Add to Game: http://rsg.ms/1gICEa7 2-16 players. TDM. Someone pays the gas company a little visit for falling behind on payments. The gas man has goons of his own, and won't back down that easily!
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    interior got some nice detail blowing each other away failed attempt
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    Swoon indeed! Loving this game.
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    Haha, I believe that was me. Awhile back, when I'd first started playing with interior DMs, I made the same DM for shits and giggles with the same title. I like your backstory better, bOnEs.
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    It's like a Two-Hand Tallahassee Tug, but only one hand is yours. Very romantic.
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    Nah inb4 gunsmith turns into a sentimental mother
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    My submission for this years Mr.Gay UK competition. Probably should've shaved.
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    Coming up with unique Olympic deahmatches is hard. I tried doing a few ski jump style games, with snipers, but it didn't quite work the way i envisioned it. This is the best i could come up with in the end. White Water Blasting Add to Game: http://rsg.ms/1grNjpq 2-16 player, TDM Ride the rapids whilst evading rapid fire.
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    Well here's a new one for the Olympics http://socialclub.ro...KA?platformId=2 Lawnmower Soccer PUBLISHED 29 MINUTES AGO Ayreon01Ayreon01 IGTA PLAYERS 4 to 16 TEAMS 1 to 2 DESCRIPTION Two teams Squre off in a game of lawnmower soccer. Deliver the barrell to the opponents net to score. ps this one will work too. i feel the event might lack deathmatches http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/Km7TWE3umkCmGalwpAsAfQ?platformId=2