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    A bit of new info along with things we are already aware of.Translated from a brazilian playstation mag. http://np.reddit.com...ilian_magazine/ All "powers" from the characters will be activated with the button L3/LS; As we know, Michael will have a "Bullet time" as Max Payne, which will be very useful in firefights. The idea for the slow motion of Franklin when he is in cars is to use when we want to make too sharp a turn, or a risky maneuver. Trevor suffers half damage and give double damage. Trevor coexist with drug addicts and bikers (Surely the bikers The Lost, GTA IV.) -Franklin's home is in southern Los Santos. Michael did not start the game living in a mansion, but a Hotel, the Hotel Von Crastenburg. (Because he is in the FIB protection program.) ((((breaking news)))) Franklin missions will be Wars Gangs and racing. Franklin is the typical character GTA, he is beginning his criminal career and is now trying to get ahead in life. Michael starts the game "rich", even still living in a hotel. GTA V will be different from the other GTAs, here the entire map is already unlocked from the very start, for you to explore this world. Michael mission will be High Risks with big shots of Los Santos. The heists are not part of the core gameplay story. (i didn't understood this, but....) Michael was the first protagonist planned for GTA V, is the only considered "family father" (The Enks pyre) There will be DLC to buy, but Rockstar did not say when. For the first time in the series there is Bus routes. (now that's new) Curiosity: Trevor is the third character in the series to appear in his underwear (Like CJ and Toni Cipriani.) Trevor has 2 tattoos patterns:" Cut here" and "f*ck you" in the neck and the fingers. There will be Base Jumps. Rockstar describes them as: An opportunity to enjoy the incredible scenery. The seriousness of GTA will end up a bit, now the game will be more focused on fun. There are plenty motocross tracks in the mountains. You can find people in the middle of the road, and especially in the interior, giving then a ride. There will still be the sight on the hood of the car, but will not make you seasick much of the car rocking, because the car is "firmly on the ground." If you like sports get ready, the game will have yoga, triathlon, tennis, golf and so on. You can change the hairstyle of the character. Dan House said: It is better to have minigames well made ​​and cool than 5 minigames half mouth and cloying. In the game there will be a social network where you can see video and etc. Now the photos you take in the game may be uploaded for the Social Club. According to the team of Rockstar, the look of Franklin was the one who changed the most since the beginning of the game development. Franklin has no family, money. Lamar is his colleague and member of Grove Street. The weapon customization is vast, with many ways to customize, putting silencers, several types of targeting as holographic extended Cartridges and more. The sights are in practice very similar to Max Payne 3, with normal white reticle, when targeted at an enemy and it turns red when you shoot the enemy in mortal she makes an X. There are 3 modes sights, the traditional called Soft Lock the Free Aim, without any help and Hard Lock. Tip of Rockstar 1: If your plan is to steal a plane, go with Trevor, he is the best pilot. The personalization of cars will be giant, not like in GTA San Andreas that were only a few things, you can customize Paintings, wheels, insulfim, grilles, spoilers, improve the suspension to improve the engine and the brakes of your vehicle. Rockstar Tip 2: Want an escape from the crazy city? Go to Franklin, he is the best driver.
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    That kinda makes sense.. but why would they display that over our multiplayer avatar? Information like that would be stored on the characters phone right? Since it was confirmed that there's a calendar type app..
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    I think if the heists are not a part of the story, than that explains the 83 days thing in the gameplay trailer. I believe that that means you set a date for the heist and it's a countdown to it, so you know how long you have to set up the heist. Then, you progress the story along side preparing and completing heists.
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    If that info contains spoilers, then so does every other piece of information we've seen so far.
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    *gets out magnifying glass*
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    That long-winded list can be simplified to: Michael did not start the game living in a mansion, but a Hotel, the Hotel Von Crastenburg. (Because he is in the FIB protection program.) For the first time in the series there is Bus routes. In the game there will be a social network where you can see video and etc Franklin has no family, money
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    The source is CVG, but these are facts nonetheless. http://www.computera...stems-and-more/
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    Admit it we all need this game.
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    If that info contains spoilers, then so does every other piece of information we've seen so far. WHY DID I CLICK THE SPOILER BUTTON!
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    Just preorded ps4
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    Boo, Tanner, boo. Maybe you will start feeling sick to your stomach about halfway through your day...and need to go home a bit early...
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    You really live up to your name.
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    This was a speed build, to test my knowledge. I made it in 1 hour. Here it is in 3D: https://sketchfab.com/show/dc1400c51aca4cc5b452b6b2695db64e
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    Steelers fans are an interesting bunch. Very tenacious in their fanaticism. Every team has those select few fans that bleed their team's colors, but no fanbase is as entertaining as that of the Steelers.
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    I keep mistakenly reading the topic title as Dark foreskin now available.
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    I think that could be an incorrect translation, but it would be a good surprise if its true. More variation is good. I think what they mean is that the core storyline will be seen in the individual storylines that each of the three characters will have. The heist are what tie them all together but they are only a part of the overall storyline. Probably the most interesting part out of all of this.
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    i just don't get what makes this guy funny... his bits are all the same; smash shit and throw eggs at it... i find them to be very boring and unoriginal... there's a million people out there smashing shit on youtube... What makes it funny is the fact that he ruins his own property just for youtube success. We be laughing at his own deliberate misfortune, not because he is funny.
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    I vote for 'not Grove St.' Yes they look similar, but of course they are both based on the same area of Los Angeles so of course they would look similar.
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    That.^ GTAO is separate from the single player experience. It'd be illogical to be reminded of a single-player event when you're fucking about in multiplayer.
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    i see your point about the harmless ones that attack for no reason... but even a feral gecko like that should be dangerous... it was stupidly funny to see the yao guai harmless in 3, bears are one of the most curiously dangerous animals... the idea of guai's being in zion does make sense because of migration... bears cover a huge territory, it seems natural that they found a nice place like that to reside... ---- jasmine has won a lot of money on the strip, and she's starting to get bored... she's branching out into side courier jobs for those around new vegas with the caps... crimson caravan, atomic wrangler, michelangelo, etc... too bad there's not a lot of quests based in vegas... i tackled the white gloves by killing the kid to get caps from gunderson and the old ass rancher... i ignored the gommorah one because cachino was nowhere in sight... took a few grand playing blackjack at gommorah but outside of mr. house/yes man, they're all quick side jobs... a girl like jasmine stays on the move, and that means doing what she does best... courier jobs...
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    This is Wraith. He uses an experimental beam katana for melee encounters. And currently uses a fully-modded sniper rifle as his main weapon. He uses experimental Chinese stealth gear. His suit is more advanced than the model of stealth suit that was used in the battle for Anchorage, but it's also less stable, as is all of his gear. He's susceptible to the same effects Nightkin develop from prolonged Stealth Boy use, and the suit's incomplete circuitry requires frequent recharging or replacement of power cells. He's good with tech, so he can modify energy weapon ammunition to keep the suit working. The instability of his suit, along with the Stealth Boy effect, exposure to the internal parts of energy weapon ammo, and extreme radiation encountered in his line of work have led him to develop a unique type of ghoulification. He's somewhere between a Nightkin and a Glowing One. Because of his appearance, he only removes his suit when he's alone. He uses Med-X to deal with the physical and mental anguish of his condition. To enhance my immersion with this character, I acquire and throw away 15 units of any energy weapon ammo per day, pretending it's for the suit. In order to keep him stealthy, I have to find a container or hidden location to dump the ammo in, so he isn't leaving a trail someone could follow. If I ever run out, I use the non-stealth version of the armor. It's a little too easy too find the ammo I need, so I might have to increase the ammo used. I also use a lot of Med-X, to lessen the symptoms of his unique ghoulification, and have gotten him addicted. He uses about ten doses per day. It's quite the balancing act, trying to keep him swimming in ammo and Med-X, but still save caps for the Bozar.
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    Me and my boy, and a cannon.
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    wut? Lol, nice find. I like the sound of the new information. If Micheal starts out in a hotel, then it may mean GTA V will be set over a decent period of time.
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    Put this bastard on the list.
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    This one will be recorded in almighty 1080p quality.
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    the brooklyn mural is completed...
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    I find it funny when foreign cab drivers are listening to international music on their favourite music station like in GTA Liberty City Stories and in GTA IV. It also feels good to ask the taxi driver to switch to a better station. I also like the cab drivers talking about their stupid lives while driving me to a bar. I also like balsting the cab driver in the head with a 12 guage shot gun. And getting a free ride too. Independence FM always made fun of my cool songs. Who doesn't listen to Celine Dion and James Taylor? I listen to Celine Dion whenever I'm in a high speed chase from the law and being tha realist muthphaka you ever saw. I hope the next Independence FM DJ will be a girl. Sorry, I'm rambling. I'm a lil high while typing this.
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    I'd like that but I'm over my quota. Well played.
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    I'd like that too. Also, I'd like to be able to rent out other houses too. And I think we should be given the opportunity to do the same with some businesses, for example, if you by a bar/club, you can run it yourself (like TBoGT and you put more money in to get more out) or rent it out to someone else and they run it (you get a percentage of profit and monthly rent)
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    Here's a couple of snaps i took on my phone whilst on Holiday.
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    I wonder if you could possibly buy music over your phone, like iTunes and listen to it instead of the radio in your car or even while you are walking. What if you steal a car, spend $100,000 on it, then it gets impounded and you cant get it back because it's not yours? I assume that if you spend money on a car you steal, then the car is saved, and if it's impounded, you could probably get it out. Crazy idea. What if Michael every once in a while loses a portion of his money cause his bitch wife blew it on plastic surgery or expensive clothes/ jewelry? And then the next time he saw her she rubbed it in his face to piss him off.
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    @Swoon - Does that poor dog have an shock collar? tut tut.. Moogle has plenty of confusing nicknames already; Mooge, Moca, Mooglealay, Mog-lea... Which he replies to all.
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