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    Made these using Banana Pudding's estimate. Really simple stuff, but it shows how the cities are almost the same size, with LC being slightly larger overall.
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    This is what I get:
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    This got me thinking... It would be nifty if there were some kind of editor in the Social Club where you could create customized graphics (similar to Crew Emblems) that would sync to your console and be available to stick on your car. Share your designs with friends, create your own little car club if you're into that sort of thing...
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    I love how there's no mention of igta on the Special Thanks list. Everything and anything worth ripping off came from here
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    I found i picture that describes every last one of us.
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    ive been watching a shit load of top gear off netflicks. cant stop watching the show. got cars, humour and they make fun of golf and american. what more could i ask for? (to be fair, jeremy clarkson makes fun of everyone) saw this thing of beauty on the show. its an old school bently with 27-litre Spitfire engine
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    The dam is here:
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    Just watched Takers (2010). It has GTAV written all over it, perfect vibe. If you haven't seen it, go watch it!
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    For the most part, yeah. But I still want more, because I'm holding out for a game that does it right. RDR was close, because people were defending their settlements and whatnot, but I'm waiting for a game that takes it further. I want to survive, not play an FPS with zombies. I can't remember the title, but someone was working on a downloadable game (might have been 360 exclusive, unfortunately) where you had to find supplies like food and fortifications for your base, and find survivors to help the base grow into a community, amidst a zombie apocalypse. That's the kind of game I want. I want the zombies to be an obstacle, but I want survival to be the focus. I spent a lot of time roleplaying in Undead Nightmare, gathering imaginary supplies, finding safe places to camp out, saving towns. It was a lot of fun. Also, Thieves' Landing was the safest town in the game. I spent a lot of time looking around every inch of the place, thinking about where fortifications and barriers should be, etc. Still waiting, game industry. Still waiting...
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    Johnny's having a deep moment.
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    jumbohard opposite of microsoft
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    Seems likely, since stealth is one of the RPG-style stats for each protagonist.
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    well the answer is obvious Niko was tired of being a criminal and wanted to go legit, but he learned to love murdering peds so he joined the l.s.p.d. he is a great officer he was at the top of his class in police academy (Que Michael winslow ) except one thing he is drunk as fuck on Wednesdays. so he's driving in a field.
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    Looks accurate, good work. Don't get how CGV got it like 50 miles to the East...
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    Reminds me of the Walking Dead, it could easily be a game on it's own. A good, open world zombie game would be really awesome in my opinion.
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    Hey bOnEs, were you role playing as Fitty?
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    I have no idea why, but that "God damn" line made me laugh really hard.
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    You can see the dam's curve on the blue print map: edit: damn it Pud...
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    Should have taken your pants off. Would have made a viral video with perfect ad placement for this site.
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    3733 Alright. Just wanted to make sure what was happening. That's what I told server guy anyway. Also your phone sucks if you have to hit the screen 10 times to make it go.
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    Has CVG been mentioned in here yet? No? Now it has.
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    I didn't even watch the video. I saw the map, and then looked at the comments below which led me straight to the fan map. Not worth my time.
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    Doesn't mean there's nothing there.
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    I can never watch a CVG video all the way through, I try to watch it but I usually get about 10 minutes in and end up saying "the fuck?" They really do way, way too much speculation. I seriously don't think they've been right about more than 3 things... The same thing with this map, it's shit.
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    The whole GTAVoclock thing has been a facepalm from the beginning. I'm not sure it will ever be worth anything. Especially if ^this stuff^ is all that they plan to do for the next 4.5 months.
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    The entire top half wasn't even a guess. It was a trace over, or a chopshop... That's worse than a guess. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=491242&st=11940
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    I don't know why everybody wants to bitch and cry about delays, suck it the fuck up. If you think you can do better make your own game. I'll take quality over quantity.
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    Yeah I liked watching cab drivers die from me ramming them head on, I wouldn't mind if I took some damage too. And as for scraping cop cars I don't mind getting a star for it, but I loved in SA when an npc did it and got the same punishment. In IV the jackasses did it all the time and never got the heat. Seeing mini crime movies play out on someone other than myself is always fun.
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    I'd rather the police response is proportional to what I'm doing, if I shove a granny over the cop will shout and possibly shove me, what happens next is dependent on how I respond (do nothing and get a ticket, shove him and get arrested), or if I wander up to a group of pensioners and start hacking at them with a samurai sword the cop will draw down and start shooting at me like I'm one of any number of minorities
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    Speeding is just going too far... Sure it's fun the first few times, but after a while it would get really annoying.
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    I highly recommend being one or both of those, in fact.
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    Remembers loading dozens of saves in order to cheat on the Inside Track Betting Machines. Continuously picking the Horse with the greatest odds in order to win millions of dollars... Then going off to buy every purchasable property in Los Santos... PS. Only did this on the second playthrough. The First time I played GTA SA I would rob people in the little Shopping Centre near one of the Safehouse's in Central Los Santos. Then run back to the Safehouse after getting too many stars for killing police, who were trying to intervene in my robberies. Easy money, and easy pistol ammo. Ahh those were great times ...
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    I think I read somewhere that the Xbox One would be incorporating compatibility with American Cable Companies first. With Microsoft slowly making additional cable TV ( like Foxtel here in Oz ) available for the rest of the territories around the world afterwards. So it could be days, weeks or even months before the Xbox One has compatibility with Australian Satellite and Pay TV Networks. And as for the Sony's Nex-Gen Console, I have no idea. I guess we'll have to wait for E3 to find out more info about any additional features the PS4 might have.
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    I wonder how big some of the properties will be that are available for us buy. I'm hoping for a range of small to large properties, but I want at least one huge house with lots of garages etc.
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    The DLC's made it so easy to make money with the gang and drug wars though. I know TLaD's gang wars could net you $15,000 after 70 completed and TBoGT varied. I would get anywhere from $2,500 to $14,500 for a drug war. I actually want to see an increase in how much they charge..In IV, I believe it was only 10% of what you had. I think it should go up to 20%. If the game's theme is money. Make it just as easy to lose it as to gain it.
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    Welcome to the Jungle is still the best song Rockstar has used for a commercial/trailer.
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    Love that movie. Excellent example of a GTA-esque movie, excellent example of a heist movie, excellent all around. Even Hayden Christensen wasn't as awful as usual. Also, any movie where Idris Elba uses his real accent is more than likely going to be epic.
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    I'll have to give The Mechanic a watch. I thought Killer Elite was pretty good too. Epic fight scene between Jason Statham and Clive Owen. The heist in Rocknrolla is one of my favourites, the Russians were friggin' mean.
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    This would be fun http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Suzuki/Every/VANCOUVER/British%20Columbia/19_6995844_/?showcpo=ShowCPO
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    I was unaware there were so many 1986's 1986 B.C 1986 A.D
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    Except for pavement textures, which are more reminiscent of Mario Kart.
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