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    This little-known site called Google.
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    I just watched a complete playthrough on youtube. Everyone, avoid this game like the plague. The graphics are abysmal, the AI is shit, and the story... I'll just say the ending makes Mass Effect 3's ending look award-winning. Rapes the franchise, and let's the resulting demon-child rape your mother, and kill your fucking dog.
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    I don't think they'll change that one because they wouldn't be able to keep the same URL that a lot of people linked to and they'd lose all of the comments and view count as well.
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    I hate SIXAXIS, espeically when it was an option on your phone in GTA IV that I misclicked often.
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    Would be nice. it would be cool with submarines, you go too deep, and the pressure is too much, then bam... implosion.
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    I remember hearing somewhere that multiplayer will support 32 players on consoles, so that's good (if it's true...). No official sources have really touched on multiplayer much, so anyone who said it will support more than 16 players most likely got that from a fake leak. I don't see console versions being able to support more than 16. Actually I guarantee right now it wont support more than 16 on ps3 or 360. So remember this and if I'm wrong feel free to come back and troll the shit out of me.
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    Great, now what.... I hope they carry on showing the bros' storyline as much as the main group's.
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    photoshop beaches aren't windy
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    And remember you don't have to do missions, you don't have to do anything. You can spend hours exploring, clearing dungeons etc. Hunting animals to level up skills and collect their pelts is what I find best to do first thing.
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    breton is a great choice for a warrior/tank style, it's what my original character is... their automatic magic resistance (25% i think) makes it easier early on when you're faced with wizards and people that try to put spells on you... plus, in the end, they can really round out nicely into a true warrior... here's a place to break down the character classes to help you better decide on a race... think about the style of play you want to do and find a race that best matches up with those skills... http://elderscrolls....es_%28Skyrim%29 this website will be all you need to play this game... stuck?? look up the area or the quest here... http://elderscrolls....com/wiki/Skyrim bookmark it... plus, you have us for when you have questions... work on smithing as much as possible early on... it's one of the most important skills in skyrim, no matter what race you choose for your character... all weapons and armor can be created with this skill, and all weapons are armor can be improved with this skill... also, bring a pickaxe with you when you first get your hands on one... caves all across skyrim hold ore just waiting to be mined for smithing...
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    if i posted all this stuff dont you think i already watched it and read it? and if i posted it why does what i say matter when the videos are there? *plays sad music as his bullshit speech starts* It matters because I'm an asshole with a minor case OCD and prefer things to be done a certain way. It matters because he wasn't in the United States Army, he was in the United States Naval Reservist who served with the Undersea Warfare Unit. If you're just going to half-ass it and not really give a fuck on how you portray it then say he was a member of the armed forces. the awkward moment when people take small things too seriously It's called being meticulous.
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    Far Cry 3 100% Completion List. I just got the 100% on my 2nd play through. These are measured in fractions like GTA games, but I never figured it out, I just did everything. 100% Completion List 1-31-13 Missions 38/38 Radio Towers 18/18 Outposts 34/34 Relics 120/120 Letters of the Lost 20/20 Memory Cards 20/20 Trials of the Rakyat 12/12 Wanted Dead 24/24 Path of the Hunter 23/23 Supply Drop 19/19 Story Quests 14/14 <---Not main story Skills 54/54 Recipes Acquired 38/38 Weapons Acquired 43/43 Vehicles Driven 12/12 ----------------------------------------------------- These mini-games and activities only give you XP or money: Race Contests Knife Throwing Challenges / Weapons Challenges Poker Contests (Achievement for a certain high score - Poker Bully) Assisting villagers or Rakyat against animal/pirate/privateer attack can be rewarded with money. Repairing broken vehicles can also be rewarded with money. Headshots and other types of takedowns can be awarded with XP. Many activities or in game actions other than missions can build up to achievement rewards. These include crafting, strategic battle, survival, stealth, take overs, collections, and hunting. Of course many of the main story line missions give major achievement rewards.
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    What really happened to Vaas? He migrated to Liberty City! Download:
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    Update (much easier method) on getting the hidden item preventing 100% completion : First game I must have gotten side tracked by the many times you can trip on the psychedelics. I did it at least 3 times. I think the first "Eat Me" trip, unlocked an achievement. But yeah, those trips were a big highlight for me so I never explored the area.....Just went back to trip. Another interesting thing is the achievement called "Never saw it coming"..... The game is going much easier this time now that I have previous experience. No DLC's yet. Still rocking the Trials of the Rakyat. That is the shit.
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