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    here's some great words of wisdom for those of you who think no one talks about you... if someone you know is always talking about other people, don't think they aren't talking about you when you're not around... i am that friend that people tell shit to and say, "don't tell anyone i said that" because they trust me that i won't... i built that reputation up over the years as the one guy you can talk to who doesn't go tell his buddy... people can say what they want about me, but they know i am not one to fuck them over... it takes years and years and years to establish that, and unfortunately, i am one of the rare few that don't spill the big secrets, except to those i have instilled the same trust in to not say a word too... sounds like there's a few of you here who are the same... we got a nice community of people here, and despite what i read in all the posts, i know a lot of you are trustworthy friends, and people i know i would be good friends with if y'all lived nearby ...
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    I had some time to kill and I hadn't seen it done anywhere else, so this is what I came up with using the MTA map editor for GTA SA to set up some of the scenes. it's a total of 12 1440x900p images so if you're running dial up... not gonna happen xD yes I know this is poor but you can't forge player/ped models into the game with a map editor =/ The only tennis courts in the game which were unusable and purely cosmetic... I'll admit some of them are a bit half-arsed, but feel free to do them yourself, it's a pain in the ass to make this work in GTA SA, I figured since I've been playing SAMP, MTA and singleplayer for like 6 years I know almost every inch of the map so I found the best spots I knew to match. Remember this is just to show the graphical and gameplay improvements, comment on what you think! SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE OTHER 6 Treefitty it wont let me have 24... And it also took me ages to get all the images together in another post So either use your Mod power to move this into the main post or leave them here this time please, it took f*ing ages Are we seeing double? *hint*
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    As Vice said I wouldn't trust anyone who was on drugs and would not date someone on them. But conceding to the fact that this dude had no idea she was an adict he did the right thing. You obviously cared about her and that's why you told her mum so she could get sorted. Just forget her, whatever you thought yoy knew about her was most likely false. My view on people... I barely trust anyone. People screw you over and I have a very few people in my life I legitimately trust. people are manipulative and look out for number one.
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    Difference between Apple and Samsung though is that Apple can support their phones with firmware updates for (more than) two years. With most Android phones you're left in the dark after a year.
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    As I allready wrote, probably we will see a statement about GTA 5, it could be a interview.
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    In my experience, roughly half of the people you will know in your lifetime will be lying, backstabbing pieces of shit. You may never find out about it, or you may find out, but keep it to yourself and let them think you're oblivious, or they may never betray you at all, only betraying the other people in their lives. They're pieces of shit, regardless. The majority of the people in this world are scum, watch them carefully. Eventually, you'll find a handful of people you can trust.
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    This is really well made fake. This guy should make a game.
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    Yeah I agree, the combat in IV wasn't so smooth. e.g. If I was trying to beat someones ass and I kicked them to the floor, there was usually an invisible barrier stopping my kick above them so I have to shift over to be able to kick them. Same with all melee, it wasn't great TBH. But I liked the counters that they had, and ability to disarm. shame it was only for 2 weapons... Stealth kills were in SA, so I hope they will also be in V. I also hope there are more melee weapons than just a bat and a knife, like chainsaws, golf clubs, pool cues, axes, sledgehammers etc... And I also hope you can pick up random shit off the ground, throw it and see actual damage. In IV it seemed as if an empty plastic cup did the same amount of damage as a brick against a car's windows.