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    I really hope by the next GTA they improve the online multiplayer experience a lot. Sure they had the basics on IV, but i really hope - for instants; we can have large freeroam sessions, where you can have say 50-100 players per map. Instead of just being able to kill each other, they should have the freeroam as a sort of hub to start matches, freeroam missions, join gangs/clans, in-which you can have planned matched for turf influence. Maybe a little like what they did with RDR but more. There is so much potential for online multiplayer, that R* North and GTA V could re-invent the genre once again. Make some of your own suggestions that you think would enhance the multiplayer experience on GTA, so we can all discuss it. You never know, R* could see some of our suggestions and implement them!
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    This is a good idea on how realistic the cops should be. http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=475147
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    Maybe every six months in game you'd have to go to the dentist. Then when you get there they inform you that you have a cavity. So you proceed to kill everyone there, after they fix that cavity of course and sign you up for another check up in six months.
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    top 20, jesus fucking christ, i'd be making that list for days... here's my top 5, and these aren't my favorite songs, even in GTA, nor are they in any particular order... these are my most memorable songs from playing GTA... #1) da shootaz - grand theft auto ~ this song has been in a few GTA's... it's even called, grand theft auto... i fondly remember this song from the first GTA... it seems like it's changed a bit, but it's still the same song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-DOJGZi6zk #2) the black keys - strange times ~ this brought a smile to my face when i heard it... at the time i was shocked that R* knew who they were ... #3) america - horse with no name ~ i don't think i need to say more, never heard it before san an, and perfectly fit into 1/3 of the game, the san fierro part of course... #4) maino - getaway driver ~ i will never forget the first time i heard this song, i was LITERALLY the getaway driver!! #5) paul engeman - pust it to the limit ~ it was also in one of my all-time favorite movies, and was the song of both, represented the lifestyle of both characters...
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    for real... i think i should start sending out invites to everyone that responded in this thread that wasn't making fun of handegg...
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    That's the last time I come in this thread, it takes years to load.
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    GTA IV's Liberty City was based on New York City not the amazon rainforest. Well, thats stating the obvious. I just meant, that with choosin a strictly city enviroment, many people missed some gameplay elements, which a bigger variety of landscape could offer. (What they were used to in GA SA, so even with the great leap in graphics and realism, that couldnt make up for the lack of action). Furthermore Im not quite sure GTA in a rainforest would work, since theres a shit load of trees with a scarce amount of people AND cars for that matter. Yes, aside from some fictional Top Gear presenters to hijack your choice of vehicle would be very limited.
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    It has its own Twitter account? "Hey yall just taking a dump... on Mars lololol!!" MAJOR UPDATE! Breaking news from the surface of Mars:
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    Randomly hitting a deer during a mission would sick. With the right sound effects and done right I'd be laughing my ass off.
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    I only post this to get back to the subject: I would be awsome climb a tree , with a sniper, kill a hiker Put him/her in the back of my car, drive 5 min. to the desert, drive 10 min. through the desert , and grab a shovel and dump the dumb hiker..... BTW: Don't let gta look like SR RDR CoD or any other like sims... ... cause it needs to remain the "gta style'' Like if u agree.......
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    when You Get 1 star cops should pull you over with a ticket not automatically Your Busted!
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    Nice opinions everyone. I remember this guy on youtube Olli43 I think you called him saying that it would be cool to go sking which I think is a fantastic and very imaginative idea. What do you think of that idea? I agree completely but GTA IV annoyed with buses only appearing in missions and planes only taxied around the airport for no reason. Things like that should deffinetly be looked at and improved on in my opinion
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    And loose the whole stash worth $100,000 in 1 second when you crash your car? I prefer pulling them out of your coat pocket.
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    Could you explain how any of that makes sense? What he is trying to say is: If the graphics are that of IV, there will be nothing to do after the campaign; in my opinion San Andreas is the best in the series! Still doesn't make sense, unless somehow graphics correlate to level of fun in-game.
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    I'm really hoping they let us spawn a car of our choice. It sucks how you have to wait for the right time of day for a certain car. I've ended up in a fucking Lokus more times than I care to count in IV. yeah they need to fix that glitch and i agree there should be a bigger variety of cars unlike in GTA IV where only a set of 5 different cars spawn at once. Oh and for me its the DF8-90 that pisses me off. I've seen it so much that now I refuse to even be in one lol -all singleplayer cars in multiplayer -more enterable buildings -More people like the original post said -a menu where u can start co op missions/activities with your buddies -an actual game mode for demolition derby -maybe custom street races like in MCLA? -alot more buildings to parkour on (and an option where u can turn falling damage off) -better unique stunt jumps..the ones in GTA IV either had not enough room to get speed or a shitty landing area
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    I like the idea of gang role playing. Organised drug deals, that could go either way if one gang chooses to do you over. Yeah, sharing/trading car mods. Or even just showing them off in races which can be initiated from free-roam. I think there is too much loading and lobby waiting in IV just to get to freeroam. Fair enough, death matches and competitive matches will always take longer. But i think other stuff should be seamlessly incorporated into the free-roam session including co-op games. They managed to do that with RDR.
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    A bunch of people on SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer) do roleplay like that, and on the few occasions I played IV online, I wound up in a few Free Roam games where people were roleplaying. Needless to say, I trolled the shit out of them. But anyway, the normal life option could work.