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    Even though I'd be constantly in a shit mood as the date approaches, it would actually be a nice change. It would make everything feel a lot more personal I think. Goddamnit now I like that idea. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
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    A vigilante is someone who takes the law into their own hands, and deals with injustice as they see fit. It's completely different from being a cop, as it's still a crime if you go after and murder someone, even if they are a criminal themselves.
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    if you guys are playing as nord warriors, i suggest working on your smithing skills right away... don't forget to break down the pelts you've collected from animals, and start creating leather armors at a forge... and if you've found some iron ore or ingots, make iron armor and weapons... the smithing tree is really important for the warrior class, and it doesn't hurt to carry a pickaxe with you on your journey to collect those ores... most of your important skills will level as you explore caves and the wilderness, but smithing must be done back at camp...
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    Exactly, additions such as showcasing the environment or some characters would be welcome, but I would be satisfied with just a release date to look forward to. The final one, not the one before it gets delayed...
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    Release date would be enough
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    I can see playing as a former police officer, but I don't think R* will give us a story where we play as a current officer of the law in a GTA game. It goes against the grain of the over all theme of the series. The protagonist is always a career criminal, to some degree. A former police officer is in line for that. And I gotta say, I was let down by LA Noire on several fronts. But most damning for me, it had no replay value. That's the only time I've ever said that about a R* game.
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    It's terrible that I live on the same planet as the person who makes GTA5Videos, as well as all the people who like the videos. I know exactly who these people are, i've met them in real life. They're those people that have nothing useful or intelligent to add to a conversation, they normally just repeat things someone else has said, or suggest something very stupid that you just agree with because arguing with their logic would make you want to slit your wrists. We all know these people, and now they exist on the internet. The world shouldn't be so accessible to idiots. I will make this my life goal.
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    You might want to consider writing that again because it doesn't make much sense.
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    I think GTA5Videos is you.
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    Where's Duffman to seal this deal? He buys everyone a copy or gets banned. Double Sigged. If this game comes out in October (you didn't say what year) and you don't buy everybody a copy I suing you for theft.
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    *puts on dark forum skin, pretends he's a honky, gets bored and changes back to original skin*
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