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    No, you're missing the point. This must be like the fifth post where I've stated these things, but you've yet to address a single one of them, so I'll put it in list format. For future reference at least. 1. A list of cars appears in Max Payne 3. This has been independently verified. I won't bother showing the links on the Internet, a simple google search will suffice. If the file were a fabrication, that would've come to light already. Other people have found the file. The file exists. 2. The cars are obviously GTA related because it there are names of past GTA cars like Infernus, Burrito, etc. 3. In addition to these cars listed, there are other vehicles listed. 4. Rockstar has been known to include GTA information on other Rockstar products, like Bully and Red Dead. Now I shouldn't have to explain this to you, but you've demonstrated such a stubborn inability to comprehend this simple bit of logic that I'm compelled to spoon feed it to you. The file exists. The file contains cars related to GTA. In addition to these cars are other vehicles, new vehicles, suggesting that this list is for an upcoming GTA game. And to drive the point home, Rockstar has done this before. Apply Occam's Razor. What other thing could this list be? No really, what other thing could it be? Because it seems to me that we've exhausted all other options. Cars scrapped for a past GTA game (then why the snow vehicles?)? Before you respond with, "There is no confirmation that these are in GTA V." Yeah, no shit Sherlock. That's the very definition of a leak. We assess each leak on its merits. If you refuse to consider anything less than Rockstar themselves confirming it, then you're the parallel of all those noobs who believe every leak. Historically, leaks happen. And we have very good cause to believe that this is another instance of a leak.
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    Maybe, consider the source though. I would rather be an "EVERYTHING IS BULLSHIT" n00b than a "ZOMG I BELIEVE EVERYTHING ON THE INTRAWEBZ RIGHT AWAY WITHOUT QUESTION!11!1!" n00b anyday though. Btw, the thing about "Ockham's" Razor is that it "urges one to select among competing hypotheses that which makes the fewest assumptions and thereby offers the simplest explanation of the effect. Instead, you assume that this has to do with GTA5 based on no evidence whatsoever.... Look Ma, I can use Wikipedia too!1!!!!
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    Pointless topic. Everyone knows Allah is the true god, and if you don't, you're basically a skank. ALLAH IS GREAT.
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    You will recognize it as the bar containing the word 'Search'.
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    They're taking pre-orders to get people's money.
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    you have no idea how many times i ran into that random one spot here and there that kicked my ass a few times... that level you speak of though had another one for me, i'll tell you after you beat it... =============================== ----- this game was challenging, even on medium with light aiming assistance... it wasn't until the 2nd half that i realized i should of been getting used to the bullet time... it made some stuff easier, but it also complicated things once the enemy AI started to throw different shit at me, and in bigger numbers too with better gear... i really couldn't get a handle on the one that allows you to jump around in slow motion, but i still tried to use it occasionally... that typically led to me jumping out into the open, only wounding one enemy and maybe killing another... i mainly used bullet time to pull off headshots, and string together kills... it does add variety though to any situation, no matter how you use it... it has many applications ... the action was intense, it offered up a lot of heart-pounding moments to add to the adrenaline as well... i really felt like i was in a die hard shootout, in just about every location... the one problem you have with games like this are the shootouts themselves... they become one more corridor away from another battle arena full of waves of enemies as you advance through each level... this is typically normal with all shooters, 1st person or 3rd... you get used to it, but max payne does offer up subtle changes with each area... one chapter you're on a boat, the next you're back in new york... and of course slumming around sao paulo too... there's clues to examine and weapon parts to collect too while looking for pain killers... and every level offered up a different location with a different vibe... but it's still a shooter, simple rules still apply... pick up extra clips or weapons when you can and look for pain killers.. you're in for a fight at every turn... you're always outnumbered, and you're always fighting out of a sticky situation... it's max payne, and when it rains, it dumps shit on him... R* hit it out the park once again as far as main characters go... i loved the modern noir character they enhanced from the 1st two games... max was constantly narrating his current situation and reflecting back on past shit, commenting on the surroundings, or the reasons why he just picked up that pain killer... you were inside the head of max payne on an adventure, so you'd better buckle up folks... he was full of one liners about any situation, told like he was walking through a comic book, trying to unravel the twisted fucking story he was sucked into once again in a different part of the world... his voice is stuck in my head now, like a bad joke... every time my inner voice talks, i hear this guy with a raspy voice talking like he'd seen it all... and the music was the real reason why the action felt so intense to me... the drum beat that played in the middle of every battle made me stand on the edge of my seat... this game was gritty and the music provided plenty of intensity to those situations... the surround sound system was blasting that drum beat for 12 intense hours... and NEVER EVER EVER EVER forget the theme song, easily one of the coolest theme songs in gaming... it's a gloomy, noir-ish, dark piano tune... and R* also created other ways to play it too, including rock riffs and pop beats, sprinkled all over the menus and action as well... the graphics were good, but really the levels themselves were where they shined the best... these levels had an attention to detail that i've only seen in two places; the uncharted series and crysis 2... the levels oozed color and detail everywhere... i found myself shooting through pop bottles and piles of paper... milk crates and garbage cans... watching shit fly in the air when bullets were flying from every direction... and like i mentioned earlier, the levels all offered up a different palette of textures and locations... i was pleasantly satisfied with the graphics and design... a couple of chapters didn't do it for me, but they can't all be perfect... the rest of them were pretty fucking cool... the game always knew when to replace the battle areas within a level to maybe a chase scene or perhaps a bullet-time action moment... or when to throw a crazy variable such as a grenade, or a silly escalator... i gotta say, they brought max payne back with a bang, and i look forward to his re-emergence in the future... he created high action 3rd person shooters like uncharted... he created slow mo "bullet time" which we've seen in numerous games, including red dead redemption... and he is the dark hero everyone roots for... that final act really threw me through the ringer and max payne completely shined all the way to the end of the game... being trapped in a comic book noir as a john mcclane/james bond mash up just has epic win written all over it... easily the best game i've played this year, and there's some competitors later this year... but right now, they've got some stiff competition... ------- a modern day comic book noir, packed with action around every corner, with dark humor and flair to tie it all together... live the life of max payne, and let him take you through a gritty tale of espionage and betrayal, because it seems like wherever he goes, he's always stuck in the middle of another bad situation... bad luck has followed him at every moment in his life, and he wouldn't have it any other way... yea, two thumbs up ...
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    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! From the northern tip of California, practically all the way to the Mexican border, California offers superb snow activities. Hundreds of kilometres of snow-capped mountains provide unparalleled opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, skating, snow climbing — even sleigh riding. http://www.visitcali...CFUUhtAodNhVfrg I'm just pointing out the snow thing, not backing up the bullshit 'GTA V leak'.
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    The DLC has already been confirmed, there will be three separate episodes: one that takes you back to Los Santos in 1947, where you play as a detective called "Cool Felps" and have to solve various crimes around the city. One will be set in 1911 and will involve horses in some way, it will be wild west themed and you will play as "Jim Marsden". The last will be set in Brazil and will be entirely in slow motion and the protag is called "Mack Spane".