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    I think a lot of people are hearing some hispanic-ness in his voice because: 1.The Albert de silva rumor 2. They don't want to play a Caucasian, so their mind makes his voice seem Hispanic Just watch some YouTube videos of Hispanic people talking, they don't sound at all like the guy in the trailer. At least that's my opinion that will probably turn out to be fact, or the fact that I've said that now might curse me.
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    I looked in the search bar and couldn't find anything so sorry if a similar topic already exists In GTA IV, I thought some of the story mode game play was a little weird. For example, you always drove everywhere, starting from the first mission. I'm a huge fan of driving, however I think it's a bit unrealistic that you are driving your friends/mission associates everywhere when they know the city better than you do and you don't even know where your going sometimes( I know you have GPS but that's beside the point) And also, your friends call you to hang out at really strange times. For example, after you kill Dimitri, Roman would call me to go bowling or some shit. I don't feel that Niko would be up for bowling after that... Second of all, there needs to be more of a variety of missions instead of the classic GTA IV: go and kill this person, or go make this deal for me which goes wrong and then kill that person. That's what I liked about TBOGT. They added creative missions like the triathlon and the export car mission ("No. 3" I think) They need more missions like these and "3 Leaf Clover" in GTA V. Agree, Disagree? Leave your thoughts
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    Wii U! Read and comprehend. The wii u is a totally separate system from the wii Fix'd Explain to me why only your grandparents would play wii u. Explain why you get mad when other people post their opinions. You really should calm down a little and accept that not everyone is a Wii U fanboy. No, actually I just hate how everyone blindly hates a console that they know nothing about.
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    You're saying that gta 5 won't be on wii u. Why not? I really hope it doesn't come to Wii U because the fanboys are so annoying. That's my personal opinion. What about all the f*cking annoying ps3 and xbox fanboys that do nothing else but hate on Nintendo all day!
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    you mean you couldn't find your way to the top of the mountain, despite a path being laid out for you?? the 7,000 steps?? seriously?? i am pretty sure the quest marker sends you to the proper town to make the journey... you must suck at reading instructions...
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    dwayne neither, you had the choice to kill him or let him live or maybe you meant the san andreas dwayne...
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    The only fanboy on this thread is you Ostrich. We're all agreeing that GTA V will be on Xbox & PS3. Your the only one playing fanboy by being unrealistic and saying that V will be on Wii U. Your going off of 'maybe', 'possibly', and rumors were are going with what we know the nintendo base gamer is not your typical PS3 or Xbox gamer, they're casual play here and there. While the Xbox & PS3 Gamer is more hardcore, competitive and game more often. Nobody is going to go out and pick up a Wii U just for GTA V if they are they must be inbred.
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    Yes, I hope there are random crime scenes around the city and countryside. Like muggings, murders, robberies, massacres.... All that stuff, but with an NPC doing it. that would be cool, and either help the criminal or the victim, if you help the criminal, you get a share of the loot and if you help the victim, get a small reward. planes will definately be in there anyway, there are lots of planes in the trailer I think everyong would agree that there needs to be a replay editor, capture footage then connect youtube to gta and post vids up to a minute long there needs to be cool achievements, one should say to check on the main menu in the game for a list of the things you need to do for 50G another achievemnet could be called 'PASS THE PARCEL' and you've got to run someone over so they hit the bonnet of your car and another car another thing is that when you've killed someone, you can check the body and see what damage they suffered, broken bones etc
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    Yes definitely. To be honest I think they'll charge over £100, given that it is in fact Grand Theft Auto 5. Mind you I actually might pay it. I mean come on, look at how frequently we discuss GTA V, we'll all probably end up with collectors edition lmao
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    Problem is, car modding isn't the major focus of GTA. That's more for full racing games. If we do see car modding again, I don't expect much more than what we had in GTA San Andreas. Some options but nothing major. Welcome to iGTA5!