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    Roo, you can advertise one time. Making multiple advertisements in the same place isn't going to get you more views or subscribers.
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    One thing I really want to see also, remember the muscle bound guys in the gym form the trailer? Surely fighting them will prove difficult? If I walk over there cocky trying to beat on some tall muscle bound arnold lookalike I want to get knocked down just off one punch haha. So it'll make me think twice before taking them on without a baseball bat or something
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    I seriously hope Rockstar doesn't implement this anytime, ever. Seriously GTA isn't supposed to be easy it's supposed to be a challenge and make you think on your feet.
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    I recognised GTA IV in all of those. Excellent post gtagrl.
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    Pedestrians with some sort of mp3 player, working payphones, useable airports and city buses, the ability to swim under water, street lights with turn signals, the ability to use turn signals in cars, cops riding bicycles, destructible environments and no I'm not JUT talking about lights and signs and garbage cans, NOT getting shot at for resisting arrest, more animals, working amusement park(s), more weather options like snow, hurricanes (stronger storms), maybe an earthquake within the story since it DOES take place in CA, entrance to just about any building, trains like 'GTA: SA' had, and anything else I missed I'm sure will be mentioned in further comments.
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    Paramedics should be seen completing health and safety forms before picking someone up off the floor.
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    Thanks for the spoiler, dickhead.
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    bangbus.com Me and my friends, riding around town, fucking girls and then leaving them on the side of the road.
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    Completely true, but what about after you finish the game? Or you just want to fool around? I love walking around town and beating people up, to me it's more fun than just shooting them dead in one second. If the game wasn't sandbox there would be no need for melee, but since it is it adds a lot of fun and replay value. At least in my opinion. Exactly, what me and my friend liked doing online was getting the cops called over then attempting to take them down with just our knives. It just really adds to the replay value. And who doesn't like getting in a good fistfight after that car accident with a cabby. I thought I was the only one! But what I prefer doing is punching a taxi and then running into some cops, and letting the driver hit the cops instead of me and watch him get arrested. Good times...
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    Mad lulz occurred just now.
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