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    He's probably been working on both.
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    Not bothering to explain things, just read this.
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    Lol trathen that's why we have 4 blocks of cathedral city cheese. You can't pass up on a bargain can you! Also those nom yogurts are really nice.
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    i think theyll add the kidnap feature from RDR.. but you could put them in the car trunk instead of a horse. and i still wanna use the lasso, or one of those guns that put people to sleep..
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    I would like human shields (Its fun to throw people infront of cars and off buildings), I would also like customization of cars (wheels, colour, preformence, hydraulics etc.) Different activites like car theft, drug smuggling, prostitution, assassinations etc.
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    Yeah I liked being vigilante, but I don't want to play a cop at all. And as you said, maybe they could improve it to random mini-game missions as well, such as going to a police drug-bust, and choosing to help the cops or kill them and take the drugs and sell them.
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    First of all, Sheep, Rise Against FTW. Anyways, My biggest thing in GTA 5 is improving the driving physics. I found that it was somewhat difficult and it just wasn't fun compared to the trilogy's driving. The rest of what I want is just what everyone else wants: more things to do, more side missions, variety of environments, etc. Also I hope they improve the color palette to more vivid colors like SA and VC instead of gray, light gray, and dark gray in GTA4
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    Yeah a zoo, just throw a zoo in there and we can have what we like. I hope there's a zoo.
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    until r* actually release the game then stuff like that is exactly what you said, rumours. I dont think that'd work tbh, I didnt like it on rdr, it just didnt feel right roaming round on the game with a different character. I'd done all that work then poof, hes dead. I'd love a little bit of refinement with how the police system works, "oh look ive just smashed into a police car and drove away. shit, bitches got their guns out already." maybe they could try to pull you over before they blast you
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    I suppose I could just give you my parents' address instead, then if you mail me a bomb, I'll get a shit load of insurance money. Of course, then I'd have to go see my parents to pick up my mail. It's lose-lose, really.