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    I want to hear info about GTA V but it will arrive when R* are ready to tell us no whinning little kids are going to make them release the info any quicker or slower. Also Max Payne is looking great!
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    Pc i dont have any console O.o
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    Considering that he's only had two movie roles, and one of them was uncredited, no you haven't. Ned Luke's a TV actor, and not a very successful one. Unless GTA V makes him famous, this is the biggest role he'll ever have.
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    Tell lies, attempt to con people, publish ridiculous rumours or generally act like a GTA V attention whore and this is where you end up. ____________________ Newzoo CEO Peter Warman for saying this: Boxed games will not disappear, but what is in the box will, that is why the boxed GTA V version will contain a collectible piece of merchandise and a download code. No disc. _______________________________________________________ Luis Zelaya - Sadly, after learning of his addition to this Shit List Luis took his own life. R.I.P. Luis. _______________________________________________________ Myona.com for this article by Amir Ariff: Virginia Tech shooter influenced by GTA 5, Battlefield 3 and MW3? Excerpt: His style of the killing is similar to the upcoming Rockstar's title Grand Theft Auto V ________________________________________________________ VeryLight - Because he repeatedly claims to work for Take-Two but we all know they don't employ illiterate people who can't be trusted to keep a multi million dollar secret by posting smart ass facts on a public GTA V forum. ________________________________________________________ priceless - Because he claims his brother-in-law who works for Team Bondi told him secret details about GTA V. He's quite the village idiot, check out his bullshit posts here. ________________________________________________________ Aria Pemberton, Examiner.com - The game will feature a single player story mode which will allow players to assume the role of the main character... - No shit Sherlock. ________________________________________________________ YouTube Channel GTA5Videos - Added to the Shit List due to popular demand because they post utter shite. Becoming a Machinima partner does not mean they can now be excluded from this list, the overwhelming demand from fans that they remain on this list overrides that. ________________________________________________________ Roman (Member) for his --- Leaked info. SPOILERS! --- topic where he made an effort to fool people he had script coding from GTA V. I live close to the Rockstar HQ and I saw a paper down the street with this on it. So I thought I would share it with you. It had lots more information on it to, but It was too much to type. I can photocopy the title on the packet if you like. It's the Grand Theft Auto 5 logo. It's not fake. I found it in a packet close to Rockstar I wasn't suppose to tell you this but my cousin gave it to me when I was shadowing him for my career shadowing day! ________________________________________________________ The kids on Twitter Rockstar Newswire who cry whinge make threats to Rockstar because they WANT GTA V INFO NOW! _________________________________________________________ Peter Chubb of InEntertainment.co.uk added because - I'd like to request Peter Chubb from In Entertainment joins the shit list. He posts a new article about GTA 5 every single day just to get his site shown in the google news feed. All of his articles are based on nothing but his own thoughts and it's just fucking annoying me. Example. We have posted speculative articles in the past, about GTA 5 in 3D and 10 things we may see, but this guy takes it to a new level and does one every few days. Nearly always starting with We have no new info about gta 5, but seeing as people want something, here, read this shit I just made up.- Psy ________________________________________________________ Brenna Hillier of VG247.com for lying about 2K collaborating with Rockstar North on GTA V. ________________________________________________________ JohnFMoore Former animator at Rockstar - If you don't want to believe me fair enough, but there has been many people claiming to be Rockstar workers etc.. But I seriously am, worked with GTA V for 3 and a half month in the animating department, and I was fired about 3 weeks ago and have been debating whether to release the information I am about to tell you. ________________________________________________________ InternationalReporter.com's KUMAR & Justin Kate Jr. ________________________________________________________ GTAGreg22 - You've gotta read it to believe it. ________________________________________________________ tapscape.com for this monstrous article: Is Grand Theft Auto V Being Delayed Until Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 Release? ________________________________________________________ NowGamer.com - GTA 5 Release Date Leaked By Rockstar. - That site gets worse by the day.
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    I'm a fan of IV's mechanics. But I could do with a bit more acceleration.
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    I was using this forum when I was like 12 and never acted like that.
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    It's not SA2, ffs. lol, Marcus. @Shot, THERE WILL NOT BE KIDS, ROCKSTAR HAS SAID NO! Also animals aren't proven just yet all we saw was a dog, where did you see firearm attachments in the trailer, I've watched it atleast two hours worth trying to see everything and didn't see firearm attachments, I've even checked the screen caps also and none. I believe he meant when the jewelry heist guys get out of the pest control van. There you can see the guy carrying an AK47 with a suppressor. But that says nothing about scopez nd xtra magz nd lazerz nd dat stuff.
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    There's this thing called ratings. Rockstar's titles get rated "Mature" or "18+" with the guns/drugs/sexual content/etc as it is. Blowing people in half would probably throw a game like GTA into the "Adults Only" category and/or banned completely in some countries. Sales would take a nosedive even with the controversy created. As for replay value, it would be a novelty like hookers. You'd do it a few times and get bored. The novelty would wear off. On top of that it would be a useless mechanic to code anyway in my opinion.
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    I dont have FB but i used to and i no how to work it, i wouldnt mind helping if a couple of us did it. And as cyantist said i wouldnt want my name on there, just mercedes if it has to have 1.