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    James Hargrave's ancestor!
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    Just having them in the game would add to the real world feeling to the game, just driving by one and the change in scenery wether you like them or not would benefit to the realism in the game.
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    "...not our stoic, but a stoic like face..."
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    Watch trailer -> see graphics
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    Fucking epic!! now lock this thread
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    What would be nice, if when you play and advance through the story you get the feeling of growing power and influence in the game world. Basically the feeling you get when you play Civilization and you start ruling the world more and more. GTA SA gave me that feeling with the gang territories, and the many places you could own (houses, businesses, CIA type of contacts and hydra plane).
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    I would find it interesting if you had a car, and it was YOUR car. Much like the horse in RDR, your car would spawn close to you after a cutscene or outside of your house. You could still steal cars, but, and maybe I'm reaching too far here, if you continued to drive a stolen car, the police, who are searching for a reportedly stolen car, would chase after you if they saw you (not too frequently). You could buy new cars, fix your car, or even sell your car if necessary. I think that'd be neat.