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    Just thought about this, previous characters already reacted to certain weather conditions like when it would rain, he'd wipe the rain from his face (IV), but it would be pretty cool if there was a storm, you'd actually feel the wind forces pounce in on you. Making your clothes flail around a bit (like when on a bike) and making walking more heavy going upwind, and downwind much easier (including the body animations that go with that ofcourse, even walking a bit criss-cross to hold your balance) Come to think of it, if they include a severe storm every now and then (not too much preferably), you could even get hit by flying debris. (thrashcans, newspaper in the face/windshield,...) Just dreaming, but it'd be cool nonetheless if they'd incorporate "little" things like this
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    Yeah gaming changes fast. 20 years ago we had 16/32 bit graphics to brag about. the Nintendo vs sega fan boys were forever duking it out. Now I look back at gta sa era way kinda like that xbox vs ps2 that game brought so much to the table and and is probably in the top 10 best ever games. Then we got gta4 with the graphics on 360/ps3 were truly something to behold. Gta in a realm that was so life like the AI was more aware of the little details As for gta5 we can expect so much. The graphics will play a major roll. gta5 is gunna be beautiful and breathtaking. The hours and memories of gta sa will live on
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    I have no understanding of the economic crisis whatsoever. Therefore, fuck Greece, fuck the EU and fuck Sepp Blatter. And fuck Germany too.
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    You look like you're ready to taEk a cum-shot.
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    I'm putting this here....... and I guess I'll share this one too... Approximate Los Santos map: approximate map work in progress.
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