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    I know Games Politics says this, but I thought JT isn't a lawyer either anymore? What's he going to do?
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    what's wrong with pies head man, it's like upside down egg shaped. also, welcome new members, you will enjoy these fantastic forums... or else.
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    That picture of Pie never ceases to make me laugh.
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    I keep forgetting who is who, what happened to that guy that was an Ex-Soldier or marine or something, he was all messed up and Nazi but he was our messed up Nazi soldier ...with hitler riding the lowrider
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    huh, was just talking to Pie about that pic a little bit ago. Completely deleted from the old forums (gee, who would want that and has the power). Forgot about the yearbook.
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    Had to put my phone up to the webcam because I can't get my phone to pair with my laptop. Anyway, this is from a party at my mates flat the other day after being out watching Liverpool beat Manchester City 3 - 0. Can't remember a thing, not even getting home. Didn't smoke anything from it, or whatever you do with one of those - I'm certain of that much.
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    I also like KFC! No no, it says L.F.C. And that's my hand under my shirt btw, just to show everyone who's the number one team in the world.
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    That's a pretty nice gas mask bong. Also, what is LFC and why is the mascot a chicken? LOL LFC Liver bird
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    I'm getting my down vote in ah rears.