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    what's wrong with pies head man, it's like upside down egg shaped. also, welcome new members, you will enjoy these fantastic forums... or else.
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    Patrick Brown L.A. Noire Artwork
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    Concentrating on Rockstar Games' Latest & Upcoming Releases including Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto V & AGENT Now hosted by Invision Power Board using their latest Community Forum Software 3.3.1 What you see above and a whole lot more! We watch Rockstar Games. We watch them closely. Twitter @RockstarSpy 'An affiliate of iGTA5.com iGrandTheftAuto & iRedDead' May be ironing a few creases out yet as we only went live with the new version of the site on May 6th 2012. Originally launched October 27th 2010 Closed down July 6th 2012
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    I pondered buying the Official Playstation Magazine the other day just for the L.A. Noire preview but thought fuck it, let someone else pay £5.99 and I'll just read from the uploaded scans that will surely emerge on the net somewhere.
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    h Frogger on the same demo disc as GTA lol, and the original MGS has to be one of my favourite games of all time. I remember me and my mate were among the first in the UK to have a NES and we were in 'Club Nintendo' - it was a free magazine that came out about once every 3 months. We'd flick through our magazines and drool over the latest games like Metroid and The Goonies II. Ha, we even had Club Nintendo membership cards and 'personally' signed letters from Mario. My membership card was number 00213 or something, used to have loads of 1st edition magazines too, like EDGE - all in perfect condition...............gave them all away.