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    I make a lot of unwilling suicide bombers in San Andreas/Saints Row 2.
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    Was just browsing youtube when i came across this. My god, it's probably the funniest thing I've seen in months tbh!
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    Speaking of cars flying off into the distance, i'd like the cars float away when hit cheat back, that was uh, fun.
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    *edits wiki article on ping* Ping is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) used to test the reachability of a person's anus on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the roundness of their penis, sent from the infected host to an unlucky recipient. The name comes from the fact that you're a stupid cunt.
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    I would want rockstar to bring back airports with airplanes (that you can drive like in San Andreas), some new TV shows, the clothes store, cars stores (to buy new cars), bring back the phones (phone stores). These are the things that would make the next GTA better, and also I had an idea for a city, since we can't decide on which city to go to or to go back to San Andreas, Vice City or Los Santos it should be the three cities collided so people could go to the three cities because of the story line. These are the kind of things which would make a great game.
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    I got all the games on Steam, yeah. HL2 is pretty good, TF2 is a bit meh but Portal is great. Not gonna pay £30 for the new portal like..
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    The forums look the same on safari on the iPhone. obviously no push notifications though
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    Fallout 4 is one game I'd probably buy on day one due to how good the last 2 were
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    Better than Memory and Humanity, and Tales Don't Tell Themselves. But it still can't touch Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation or Hours still. At least they're going back in the right way. By the way, I've ordered the limited edition signed by the band of this album. Should be here soon.
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    I'm seeing Funeral For a Friend in Liverpool The Sunday after next.
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    ^ It's Candy Edwards, not 'Evans'. New screen: "Yo homie!"
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    Yep, caught me off guard, thought I was going mental. Edit:
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    From new trailer: @1:00 When Phelps says "I'm gonna rub the departments nose right in it" his partner looks a bit guilty to me.
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    Too drunk to update my own site.....hic....
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    Says 'embedded' - can everyone still see it?
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    I reckon (hope) both platforms will get the same treatment this time, including any DLC being released together that might come in the future. I think that would be the correct and fair move for R* to do with a game as big as GTA5.
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    Now I know Michael Pachter doesn't come across as the brightest spark in the box and what he's just told me pretty much confirms it. He said he thinks GTA 5 is done and will be released 'before' Max Payne 3.
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    I want jewish pedestrians, mormons, students - just so I can say hello to them when passing in my van. I want a bigger selection of vans too because I like cruising round in them with a sniper rifle, parking up and capping people from a distance. Forklift trucks that actually work too, or just construction vehicles in general.
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    Take it to about 3:20 - I want realistic things to happen when I drive behind a plane as it's about to take off.