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    Was just browsing youtube when i came across this. My god, it's probably the funniest thing I've seen in months tbh!
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    Well, Pieface is in the same boat as Marney as far as failure goes. Actually, Pieface is more fail than Marney, but he doesn't post as frequently so we don't get as many chances to downvote and ridicule him.
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    I think someone is confusing me with Marney sometimes... I'm in rep debt, far into the red. I can't say I've earned it, but what the fuck. Pie and QD hasn't earned all those red points either.
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    See, it sucks that you can downvote a post for no reason, but no one would use the rep buttons if you had to type in a reason for the vote. Of course, you should only have to give a reason if you give negative rep.
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    LOL There's probably a few people browsing these forums who were'nt even born when that was drawn up. Me being 127 years old can remember the hype surrounding the original GTA, the core idea hasn't really changed that much when you think about it.
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    How long does it take do edit something like that? Some of the members here should make an iGTA version.
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    Too drunk to update my own site.....hic....
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    Says 'embedded' - can everyone still see it?
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    Now available online