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    This is the sort of shit that you "imagine" when you're on a rampage on GTA, but in reality it's never as fun. But this video is something else! Great direction, great editing, great sound and music. Winnah! What do you guys think? Is this how GTA feels to you the first time you play it?
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    Was just browsing youtube when i came across this. My god, it's probably the funniest thing I've seen in months tbh!
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    Have only just got around to registering on the new forums; I'm impressed with the setup. People might not remember me, but I was originally from GTA4.tv where I was a moderator, as well as having a stint as admin. Anywho, hello.
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    i would of voted for it if i was given two votes... it is my second favorite GTA... i think i might of spent more time playing GTAIV than i did with any other GTA... but that's because of the online addition... Saying that, i fuckin miss our fortnightly gaming sessions online. Yeah the scores were pretty predictable, but they were a fun get together. Especially when Barney turned up with his laggy ass!
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    Some concept logos for Red Dead Redemption:
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    @XBOXEDDY - Rockstar and Team Bondi are still tidying up the little things and I'm sure the likes of what you pointed out are included so I wouldn't be too picky just yet. Most people are still looking at it as if it's the next GTA when what we should be taking notice of is how well the facial expressions come across plus as Jeronimo Barrera said, "It's not GTA with fucking fedoras". That screenshot with the train and truck is just that, a screenshot, it will probably look convincing when we see it in motion.
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    Welcome back Zen. And welcome other new peeps.
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