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    I've always valued animal life, it's humans I don't care for. Someone threw him out of their car (without even slowing down) and I brought him inside to chill for a few days until his cuts healed. He healed up, and I just decided to keep him.
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    While the idea does indeed sound awesome, I doubt it'll ever happen. Even if there's a slight chance that we do they won't be the old renditions of the cities, they'll be completely new cities. But even this I see as highly unlikely, it's not R*s style. It'll be in their interest to make San Andreas three separate games if they did re-create them. So making LC, VC and SA wont ever happen, it's just not the business move they're willing to take a risk on.
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    The cooling system is entirely about paranoia, I don't really need it and I'll probably change my mind about it. I have an AMD Phenom Quad Core that came with a good fan, and I bought the most powerful case fan they had at the shop. I forget what brand it is, but it's called the Tornado and it's loud as shit and blows out air so fast that I could turn my computer around and use it to cool the room. I'll definitely be looking into that case (or rack, rather), $180 isn't bad. The only problem is that I'd have to make a screen to lay over it, lest the cat start pawing at the computer's innards and force me to murder him.
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    Hello, first time poster. I would LOVE if there came a game that links every city in the GTA series into one game. Perhaps linking them through flight (ie. a loading screen). But how awesome would it be to have a GTA game where you can play in Liberty, San Andreas, Vice City, and other cities yet seen. That's the next GTA game that I'm waiting for.
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    I SURVIVED EDDIE LOW True life horror encounters told by the luckiest people in Liberty City
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    ^lol Some possible influences that would be good: (Note: Links contain spoilers. But you wouldn't be reading unless you wanted to know the plot, anyway) No Country For Old Men - A 'modern' western set in the 80's. It would probably be a bit similar to RDR style-wise, though. Which is a good thing. Animal Kingdom - It's an Aussie film, so no one here would have seen it, but the plot would make a good basis for a GTA. Oh, and 'Big Momma's House'. Because the only thing funnier than a film about a black man dressed as a fat black lady is actually playing a game about a black man dressed as a fat black lady.
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    Would you take a picture of me shitting in trade??
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    Picked The Midnight Club which was the favourite, didn't know that until after I'd done it and like DuP said, it came 6th anyway. Only 19 of the 40 finished and Ornais and Dooneys Gate died, I think 3 others died during the 3 days, anyone know for sure? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZXilKHWPcA
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    Probably would have died.