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    ^ Narrated by Massacre.
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    I could see the news working heavily into the game if they ran with that idea. Like, you see a story about a drug bust taking place, then if you go to where the bust happened you can find a closet or a crate with guns and money inside that you couldn't have accessed if you hadn't seen the story. Or, you could see a story covering the fallout of a mission you just completed and based on what you find out, certain aspects of the next mission will be different than if you had just gone straight into the next mission. Like, if you killed someone in the last mission whose son you were supposed to kill as part of the next mission, the news will say something about the son going to the funeral, and you'll have to complete it without killing him, then there will be a different mission later where you kill him. Or you could skip both missions and just kill him at the funeral, which would give you the opportunity to kill certain people you were going to go have to go after in the future. Maybe that's too complex for them to do, but it would be a really creative approach to the game and there would be incentive to watch the TV.
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    lol, we are not used to have female members, so I automatically think of everyone as male. And I'm right almost 99% of the time... I think many guys could have "butterfly" in their username, it's not masculine but not very feminine either. You don't need to fear a visit from me anyway, I was heading for Vice. Well, we have Nix who is Psy's Sister, Crimson is Psy's girlfriend. Wasn't Nec related to Pyro in some way or another? And Koko was someone's friend I believe.
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    Oh cool, can't wait to enter the next FML.
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    Would it be illegal if I clicked on one of the results?
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    Like fuck. Anyway, we doing a sweep for this race or what? Apparently Psy's giving a prize to the winner.
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    One of those late night Roulette Wheel games where you call in to place your bet............and never win. Maybe a parody of COPS........bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna doooo Edit, who voted my Eddie Low idea down? Knobhead!
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    The biggest racing event in the world (watched by an average 1bn people each year) takes place 7th - 9th April this year so place your bets! (Maybe Psy could give the winning member a prize?) Runners List Horses will die and silly hats will be worn!
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    I SURVIVED EDDIE LOW True life horror encounters told by the luckiest people in Liberty City
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    Yeah, bookies got butt-fucked lol.