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    Would you take a picture of me shitting in trade??
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    I don't really have a preference on location. I just hope it takes place in modern day or in the near future. I don't want to drive shitty old cars and have old technology and stuff... I actually would like them to go back to a story like Vice City where your goal is to take over the city by buying properties... maybe allow you to buy empty lots and develop them.
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    Blatant attempt at a GTA rip off. Definitely came from all the GTA 5 Wish List threads. I'm not even gonna mention Bigfoot........
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    ^This. It's like they go through every GTA "want" list on the internet and add every stupid little feature you can think of but forget about characterisation, realism, etcetera.This is one game that IMO would be better off without the create a character feature. The humour is nowhere near as subtle and thoughtout as GTA, and despite the excess of features, it's nowhere near as fun to play. I finished SR2 within a week of it coming out and never picked it up again. customization is the biggest draw to saint's row... why would they remove their most popular feature?? this isn't meant to be taken serious, and all of the off-the-wall stuff is what it strives for... i find it funny that people don't like saint's row because it's a GTA ripoff, or isn't up to GTA standards... saint's row isn't trying to compete with GTA, they are just trying to offer the fans of GTA something else to do while they await the next entry in the series... and if they are trolling GTA forums for ideas then, more power to them... R* doesn't do that, they put in what they want to... you play their game while SR tries to deliver the game you want to play... i'll always like saints row but, i know it isn't even nearly as good as GTA... but, it's good enough and fun to play... that's all i look for in games... critics and gamers these days are too critical of games and expect nothing short of perfection... what ever happened to sitting back and having some good old fashioned fun??
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    Oh, you mean V-Ike-ing? Woh that was pretty clever.
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    Yes, exactly like that but with shit running down your leg too.
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    Some weird mythical creature would be good, doesn't have to be 'real' it could be part of a nightmare brought on by drinking Boomshine or something..............like drugs.
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    ^ Oh look, he's got a sealed system in his house cooool. Anyway, I've really gotten back into multiplayer on TBoGT and it would be cool if the next GTA could have an option [in free roam] to be either on the good side, or the bad; You can either be part of the police force or a nut job on the street causing havoc, a bit like APB.
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    Cheers Sheep, I'll give it a try.
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    I think Pachter should be first to face the firing squad, after all he's the one who gets people's hopes up with his expert opinions while the other dipshit just makes people laugh.
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    Proper Victory Dances need to be incoporated in some way; press this button for tea-baggng squat, press that button for moonwalk etc. I like to humiliate my victims in multiplayer but having to run round round them and crouch, stand, crouch is too much effort.
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    Like fuck. Anyway, we doing a sweep for this race or what? Apparently Psy's giving a prize to the winner.
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    Yeah, bookies got butt-fucked lol.
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    Thought I would create a poll to see what everyone's favourite GTA is from this site? Mine personally is Vice City, just due to the character you play, and the atmosphere that surrounds the game.
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    Would it be illegal if I clicked on one of the results?
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    Didn't a 100/1 horse win the Grand National last year?