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    you euros sure do like odd sports... this is the only grand national i care about;
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    Look up "Horse anal creampie," and you'll see why horses fucking young ladies never gets old.
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    The only thing horses are good for is beast porn, horse racing is pointless.
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    Hidden Packages? That almost tips it back towards me purchasing this game on day 1 instead of waiting on a price drop.
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    Hello, my name is Stoic Person Eater and I am a voluptuous black woman. I enjoy chicken and skittles.
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    Pipes and ladders can be climbed when necessary to inspect a site on a case. You couldn't do that these days, bloody plastic crap.
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    Yet again, I must ask, where the fuck is my emoticon?
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    Cheers, knew I could rely on you fellas!
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    Every time I try to log into my account on my PC the screen just flickers and returns to the login page. Mrs Marney's account and the 'guest' account work fine. Thing is, I have shit loads of files on that account and need to access them. I've no idea why it's happened, I wasn't doing anything different from usual when it happened. Has this ever happened to anyone else or has anyone got any idea what I need to do? (I'm talking about the log in page that looks like this)
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    Violent video games should be banned. *Crawls off into corner, bursts into flames, shrivels up and dies*
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    We already have our I.D's under our avatars.
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    I don't have permission to report that twat above me? WTF? Edit, lol nevermind.
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    It's good to know I'm loved!
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    Has he just shaved his head then?
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    Fast-paced, highly advanced and furiously violent, Max Payne returns with the most sophisticated, stylized shooting action, and a dark and deeply immersive story following one of the most iconic characters in videogames. 12 years after the events of Max Payne 2, Max finds himself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where security work is plentiful but the risks are high. But murder and betrayal dog his every step, and once again, Max is thrust into the heart of a brutal city with nothing but his weapons and his instincts in a desperate search for the truth and a way out. Back at last, gaming's most world weary cop is back - although he's not the man you might remember. It's been six years since the last sequel and Max is now working in Brazil, employed as personal security for a wealthy local family. This swaps the dark streets of New York for the bright sunshine (and dangerous slums) of Sao Paulo. Despite such radical changes the third person action will still be familiar, including the series' famous use of The Matrix style bullet time. Of course bullet time is no longer the novelty it once was, so here it's evolved to not just slow down time but allow you to perform special moves while everyone else is stuck in slow motion. There's also a new cover system and one of the most interactive environments ever seen in a game. The old Max Payne is gone, the new one should be even better. Couldn't have timed starting this thread any better. I've never played Max Payne #1 or #2 - anyone else?
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    @DuP It's poster art from the merchandise R* were handing out at PAX, it'll be available from the R* Warehouse soon. I think it was titled "What's in the trunk?".
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    They need to release this shit on PC
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    Haven't tried B-Spec yet, but going by your rant I'd better keep it that way. I have a habit of destroying my TV's when I'm pissed off and that shit can be expensive.
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    Just started a new play through of RDR, almost forgot how amazing the story is. It's good the way Marston clutches his side with pain (where he got shot) now and again during the tutorial round the ranch with Bonnie. Shot the little bunnies he he he.
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    Official Site Al Nazemian's Resume had this removed: May - June2010 Did face scanning, motion capture & voiceover for videogame 'Max Payne 3': Sao Paulo Knights. Voiceover in English & Portuguese. Feb. 2010 Got cast as Dr. Arthur Fisher in videogame Max Payne 3 for Rockstar Games.
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    look at the pelicans fly... come on pelican!! < That just made me choke with laughter for some reason, man - stupidest shit just hits me sometimes. Still laughing now.
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    So I guess you're the sort of person who buys a new phone every six months to keep up with all the latest faggy "trends" and "apps". A DVD does me just fine, as long as I have a DVD player I can watch it quite easily. I don't think i'd notice any discernable difference between DVD and Blu-ray versions anyway. I had a similar attitude before I got Flight 666 on Blu-Ray, if you haven't watched a film on Blu-Ray/HD/whatever you can't really imagine how it could be much better than a DVD, until you've watched one.
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    Latest Rockstar News: "Check out New Exclusive Screens At L.A. Noire And Rockstar Fansites"
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    The biggest racing event in the world (watched by an average 1bn people each year) takes place 7th - 9th April this year so place your bets! (Maybe Psy could give the winning member a prize?) Runners List Horses will die and silly hats will be worn!