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    I could see Yusef appearing in the next GTA (the Phil Cassidy of the PS3/360 trilogy?), perhaps giving us a mission where we fly to Dubai to kill his father, like the Liberty City mission from San Andreas. That's the only way I could see Dubai in GTA, not as the entire game's setting.
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    I never did like power metal that much, too weak for me, but maybe in small doses I could listen to it. I'm more into black, death and grindcore.
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    I didn't know if the image was credible or not, but I half way bought it, I will admit that. But I don't really care where GTA5 will be because I'm gonna like it regardless. So I didn't get fooled in that way as someone else maybe was. I absolutely agree!
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    Who's the stupid bitch that downvoted bOnEs' comment? We're not letting the fucking guests downvote shit, are we?
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    these cheap traffic comments are kind of pissing me off... like this place needs a few extra hits... it's recognized by rockstar games as an official fan site... we don't need the "cheap" traffic here at all... we get exclusive screens so who cares what the internet thinks...
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    since this day is winding down... for Psy and whoever else that cares, I capped this from the second video and did some magic: to everyone else (especially those crying fake on the news post): APRIL FOOLS BITCHES
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    Like a full-on Bigfoot chase through the park, at the end of which you wake up in a pool of your own vomit in a Burger Shot bathroom?
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    In GTA IV had taunts. I forget what button you pressed but it made ur dude say things. This is pretty much the same deal as taunting.
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    Some weird mythical creature would be good, doesn't have to be 'real' it could be part of a nightmare brought on by drinking Boomshine or something..............like drugs.
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    Maybe this thread should be renamed - Saints Row: The Turd?
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    Palm trees ftw! Marney Luther King once said: "I have a dream...................that one day.....................consoles..................will have modding capability....."
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    Blatant attempt at a GTA rip off. Definitely came from all the GTA 5 Wish List threads. I'm not even gonna mention Bigfoot........
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    Latest Rockstar News: "Check out New Exclusive Screens At L.A. Noire And Rockstar Fansites"
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    Pipes and ladders can be climbed when necessary to inspect a site on a case. You couldn't do that these days, bloody plastic crap.
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    General Saints Row topic. Random screens.