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    I think IPS hosts the chat, so if they go down you can't connect and we can't do anything about it. I may be completely wrong though.
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    Same, along with the other two original screenies. Probably this one for GTA III.
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    The image itself is unremarkable, but I had no access to internet until a little while before I joined GTA-SanAndreas.com. After playing Vice City, I had no idea that they were creating another GTA game until I happened upon this screenshot, it was magical. I don't think I will ever be as excited about a game as I was about San Andreas.
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    I think the frequent random alterations to Marney's rep title will ensure that I'll only see the positive rep titles.
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    Yup. Something about it seemed really sterile. And the game world was wasted. For example, the train/subway network was massive, and yet it was barely used in the story. San Andreas had a similar problem, but the world was much bigger, so that could be excused. Anyway, I gave my vote to Vice City, as i think it got the GTA formula just right. VCS would have been equally as good if it had been designed for the PS2 in the first place. That's why I want a more urban story to the next game, more subway tunnels and ghettos, fewer penthouses and rich assholes. Of course, if the next GTA is set in Los Santos, we''ll probably just get more penthouses and rich assholes. It'll probably be more extreme at both ends of the scale, like the beginning of SA. You'll start off with tiny, decrepit houses in "tha hood" and work your way up to massive penthouses in Vinewood. For some reason I think i'd prefer if they did San Fierro though.
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    I kind of want insanely high rep just to see what all the descriptions are. Or I could just ask Psy what they are...
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    Who is the cunt who vote down all my posts in this thread? Step forward and tell me what's wrong with my posts. I wonder the same.
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    So this game will be like Avatar: everything you've already seen mashed together into one drawn out, over-hyped, POS.
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    I got nothin' else to bitch about, then. Unless you think I could talk Psy into buying a hooker for me.
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    I'm Marney1 Webmaster at RockstarSpy.com but this is my original internet home. I'm still Marney from the block! Like Psy, I'm a Liverpool FC fan, Iron Maiden fan, Rockstar Games fan and a black belt in Origami. You can follow me on Twitter either @RockstarSpy or @RockstarMarney (Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive & Team Bondi do - so should you!) PSN: Marney-1
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    Hello, I'm Qdeathstar and I'd like to introduce myself by saying that "My Penis, Your Ass, Let's Go" is not just a mindless slogan carelessly thrown about, but is in fact a way of life. Now that that's out of the way, let me discuss a few of the things that I hate. For one, i hate the fact that there is a swiggly line under my name like I'm to stupid to spell it. I know how to spell my name, its not wrong. The internet is. Secondly, i hate ass guzzlers. See Asylum. Finally, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace are for QDs and attention whores. Post naked pictures of yourself there though, and i might take a look. I've been a member since 2004, a moderator, an admin, and even a banned member. I'm also responsible for the start up site Iporn.com. Me and a few other members are working to start a porn studio for the Igta family of sites, so if you want to become an backdoor actor or mattress actress contact us and we'll see if we cant find someone to fill your position. One last detail, unlike other members here who want nothing to do with you, if your lonely and need a friend I know someone who could be your own personal Jesus!. Seriously. Also, i know all the internet lingo that means you can trust me. I also enjoy walls of text.
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    Wow, and all this time i thought Asian chicks was just an internet thing for you. You've actually married one with a name that is hard to pronounce. What is her easy to say name?
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    Better than Memory and Humanity, and Tales Don't Tell Themselves. But it still can't touch Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation or Hours still. At least they're going back in the right way. By the way, I've ordered the limited edition signed by the band of this album. Should be here soon.
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    But we know Phelps is obsessed.
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    Has he just shaved his head then?
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    Yeah L.A. Noire was originally a PS3 exclusive, not surprising really as Team Bondi were formally Team Soho, a SONY studio based in London. There's absolutely no chance of AGENT ever coming to Xbox360 though, I think SONY are expecting this game to attract huge amounts of Xbox360 owners into buying the PS3. It's gonna have to be pretty epic for that to happen but we'll see.
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    Oh dear...Mello is an actual doctor now?
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    Well the new Blind Guardian was pretty good. Mabye a little generic. The only song I listened to over and over was the following The new Star One, which isn't exactly power metal, is fucking brilliant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrikXVXrK68
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    ^This. It's like they go through every GTA "want" list on the internet and add every stupid little feature you can think of but forget about characterisation, realism, etcetera.This is one game that IMO would be better off without the create a character feature. The humour is nowhere near as subtle and thoughtout as GTA, and despite the excess of features, it's nowhere near as fun to play. I finished SR2 within a week of it coming out and never picked it up again. customization is the biggest draw to saint's row... why would they remove their most popular feature?? this isn't meant to be taken serious, and all of the off-the-wall stuff is what it strives for... i find it funny that people don't like saint's row because it's a GTA ripoff, or isn't up to GTA standards... saint's row isn't trying to compete with GTA, they are just trying to offer the fans of GTA something else to do while they await the next entry in the series... and if they are trolling GTA forums for ideas then, more power to them... R* doesn't do that, they put in what they want to... you play their game while SR tries to deliver the game you want to play... i'll always like saints row but, i know it isn't even nearly as good as GTA... but, it's good enough and fun to play... that's all i look for in games... critics and gamers these days are too critical of games and expect nothing short of perfection... what ever happened to sitting back and having some good old fashioned fun??
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    Official Site Al Nazemian's Resume had this removed: May - June2010 Did face scanning, motion capture & voiceover for videogame 'Max Payne 3': Sao Paulo Knights. Voiceover in English & Portuguese. Feb. 2010 Got cast as Dr. Arthur Fisher in videogame Max Payne 3 for Rockstar Games.
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    Well, you know me, I'm not really into video games. No but seriously, I'd obviously heard of Max Payne back in in the day but that type of action game never really appealed to me at the time. If you're saying the original one was 'ahead of it's time' then I obviously missed out. Keep seeing PS1's & PS2's going really cheap and the games are like £3 each, I'll pick the old classics up sometime, I just know it.
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    Anyone have any screenshots in mind that either bring back cool memories or just make you sit up and stare? I have one in mind from The Saboteur but I need to find it again, I'll add it later. The very thought of creeping round on a rain soaked night to bag a nazi completely sold the game to me.