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    Hi, I hope a few of you know me. I'm John and I'm a doctor. I joined 7 and a bit years ago and was active for about half that time, I reckon. I may be around periodically.
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    < This is actually me, I'm a tripping lion, fact.
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    Have it on DVD already, that'll do me.
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    Hi I'm NCP, also known as NCP1315 and Robin. Joined the gta-sanandreas.com forums a couple years back and kept on joining the newer sites, I kinda got a life now so I'm not really active. I travel the world a lot, often not to the holiday destinations, but in a month I'm going to Aruba for a year so yay!
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    Is this the same thing you were spamming us about last year? I don't remember spamming anything last year but it wasn't this as I only went to Kenya at the start of this month.
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    I'm Nicola, Psy's sister and I only registered to beg your for your money... Please? http://www.justgiving.com/Nicola-J-Elliott
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    I got her to test something for me, so I said she could spam her charity link. Feel free to donate. Although everyone on here has no money anyway, so... unlucky! But if you don't donate you'll be thrown off the forums... So your choice really.
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    @DuPz0r See if an admin can move your 'portfolio' over here.
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    I was about to, asshole. One of my favourite photos, taken Boxing Day. She would've smiled had CBeebies not been on TV.
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    I know Games Politics says this, but I thought JT isn't a lawyer either anymore? What's he going to do?
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    But surely his threatening behaviour now is more liable to police action than previously, and he needs to realise that trying to blackmail a company could end up (we hope) on the other side of Prison Bars. Somewhere, where he may (I'm not sure what type of lawyer he was) meet some people he might of helped send down.
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    Oh Good. I wonder why JT didn't bother suing the marketing team for Deadspace 2.
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    Violent video games should be banned. *Crawls off into corner, bursts into flames, shrivels up and dies*
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    Ha, I read that as 'peeing in a basement'.
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    Me at a 'Lern to spoke proper englund' rally.
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    You Casanova you, always trying to chat the women up on here aren't you. Is that a classic Scouse 'stache I see there? Scouser's haven't had 'staches since 1990...............or whenever Brookside finished. OMG SHOTGUN TERRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's not the guy in the Southland pic if that's what you mean. Also, wtf is Phelps doing in that pic?
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    I posted this news last week but seeing Rockstar just got round to it I thought I'd post it again: L.A. Noire Honored as First Videogame to Make Official Selection of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser added: "We're thrilled that L.A. Noire is being recognised by the Tribeca Film Festival in this way. It's a real honour, and another step forward for interactive entertainment." - DigitalSpy
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    A Rockstar North dev just tweeted this: "The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 by Robert De Niro. It's a sizable, annual event that has never before recognized a videogame." Also, anyone not pre-ordered yet? Official Pre-order page I've pre-ordered "A Slip of The Tongue" because mooching round the city searching for cars really appeals to me for some reason. Soundtrack is included too which you'll be able to download (by entering your code) from a page on the official site (which hasn't been added yet btw).
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    It is strange how L.A. Noire is getting all this type of attention before it's even been fully revealed. Maybe Sam Houser will bung Barack Obama $4,600 to mention it like he did prior to the launch of GTA IV? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmYyvLTzPhQ
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    Thought I'd share this Exclusive screenshot with you fellas, nothing spectacular but at least you get to see it first............second. Some more fansite exclusives: Clothing textures are amazing.
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    Has he just shaved his head then?
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    Fast-paced, highly advanced and furiously violent, Max Payne returns with the most sophisticated, stylized shooting action, and a dark and deeply immersive story following one of the most iconic characters in videogames. 12 years after the events of Max Payne 2, Max finds himself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where security work is plentiful but the risks are high. But murder and betrayal dog his every step, and once again, Max is thrust into the heart of a brutal city with nothing but his weapons and his instincts in a desperate search for the truth and a way out. Back at last, gaming's most world weary cop is back - although he's not the man you might remember. It's been six years since the last sequel and Max is now working in Brazil, employed as personal security for a wealthy local family. This swaps the dark streets of New York for the bright sunshine (and dangerous slums) of Sao Paulo. Despite such radical changes the third person action will still be familiar, including the series' famous use of The Matrix style bullet time. Of course bullet time is no longer the novelty it once was, so here it's evolved to not just slow down time but allow you to perform special moves while everyone else is stuck in slow motion. There's also a new cover system and one of the most interactive environments ever seen in a game. The old Max Payne is gone, the new one should be even better. Couldn't have timed starting this thread any better. I've never played Max Payne #1 or #2 - anyone else?
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    Yeah L.A. Noire was originally a PS3 exclusive, not surprising really as Team Bondi were formally Team Soho, a SONY studio based in London. There's absolutely no chance of AGENT ever coming to Xbox360 though, I think SONY are expecting this game to attract huge amounts of Xbox360 owners into buying the PS3. It's gonna have to be pretty epic for that to happen but we'll see. *raises hand* Mr. Marney, Mr. Marney! ViceMan of ViceCorp Chemical Toilets and Plush Toys Ltd, a subsidary of Vice Inc. - My question is, so L.A. Noire is being developed by the same team that made the Getaway? You didn't know that? Anyway, PLAY TIME KIDS!!!
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    Official Site Al Nazemian's Resume had this removed: May - June2010 Did face scanning, motion capture & voiceover for videogame 'Max Payne 3': Sao Paulo Knights. Voiceover in English & Portuguese. Feb. 2010 Got cast as Dr. Arthur Fisher in videogame Max Payne 3 for Rockstar Games.
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    Official Site Info, images & prototype video of cancelled PS2 & Xbox version - unseen64.net Ben Bathen's Resume mentioning he worked on AGENT when it was originally set for release on PS2 & Xbox William Kidwell's Resume has had the following taken out: Rockstar Games San Diego, CA 3D Artist Oct. 2003 - Feb. 2008 Environment Artist on AGENT: Created city structures, textures and props. Was also chosen to join small team of artists for overseas photoshoot to gather reference in Cairo, Egypt. This small team of 4 gathered over 10,000 photographs of the city of Cairo within 5 days.