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    I was only mildly addicted to this one.
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    Yeah it was a double VHS set, came out in about '93. Must have watched it a gazillion times, one of the best docu-metal vids ever imo. Also, I regularly venture down Wood Street in Liverpool city centre to this place: It's small and the duke box is an antique with really bassy sound, imagine this place and this song and that's the Swan Inn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz_6jagv_D4 Paul Di'Anno (Maiden's original singer) sometimes plays there with his band 'Killers'. The street used to be lined with Hells Angels bikes but that's gradually faded out now, some great memories from there! Here's an info page - The Swan Inn Liverpool - You see the picture of a swan? That's on the way back down the stairs from the toilets. It's good luck to touch it on the way back to the bar (A little bit like the 'This is Anfield sign at Anfield, Liverpool Football Club's ground):
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    ^ That needs to go viral.
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    Can't wait for the day we don't need wires. My twatting rabbit loves them. @Akuma - Demon won't know what an amp is, he's from France or something.
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    Okay, here's the plan: We both go out and find a girl that fits with the other person's taste in women. We knock them up, break up with them in a brutal and soul-crushing manner, and we each go and console the one we didn't impregnate, and because women are stupid and emotional, they fall in "love" with us. Voila, lonely pregnant girl.
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    *is disappointed too* damn, what does it take to meet a real girl?!
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    *Hopes pregnantandalone.com is real, and a dating site*
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    I'm willing to accept that if R* won't tell me something, I don't need to know it yet. No reason to dig anything up.
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    Every time I try to log into my account on my PC the screen just flickers and returns to the login page. Mrs Marney's account and the 'guest' account work fine. Thing is, I have shit loads of files on that account and need to access them. I've no idea why it's happened, I wasn't doing anything different from usual when it happened. Has this ever happened to anyone else or has anyone got any idea what I need to do? (I'm talking about the log in page that looks like this)
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    Now that's not funny.
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    Yup. It also has files for one item from the fourth DLC. The Fallout wiki says it's a table with claw marks in it, but it's likely just a few scratches, not actual claw marks.
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    Me at a 'Lern to spoke proper englund' rally.