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    This was a popular topic on previous forums we've run, and seeing as everyone is technically a new member now, I expect to see many introductions for members. Let us know who you are, where you're from and why you're here, plus anything else you feel like sharing. I'm Psy and I created iGTA5.com. I'm from Newcastle in the United Kingdom and I'm a huge Liverpool FC fan and travel down to Anfield for every home game. I love programming, and I'm pretty good with everything from PHP and XHTML to ActionScript, C# and jQuery. I'm a gamer too, obviously, although I haven't played anything lately because I've been busy finishing my degree at university where I'm on course to come out with a first class honours degree for Web Design & Development at Northumbria University. I'm on Facebook and Twitter, PSN (Psycopsy) and XBox Live (Psyware) if you feel the need to add me. Hope you enjoy the site!
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    I'd smash that! Too bad you went out drinking from 2pm and got smashed off your tits and left me home alone...
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    That was just... I don't know what.... Just.... I know, even Massacre isn't that harsh. He's like a gentle breeze caressing my scrotum by comparison.
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    Good rabbit. Give him live wires, it is birth control for rabbits. France?!
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    You Casanova you, always trying to chat the women up on here aren't you. Is that a classic Scouse 'stache I see there?
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    Here's mine. It's pretty self explanatory.
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    Nice photo. I like the scenery. Are those animals eating sand and stone? lol. Pretty eyes! I see your buddy is agreeing with me and about to give you a seal of approval on your cheek haha. LOL! The way you just "randomly" happened to remember that link is so funny. I think we've not had cuter spam here before.
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    I love diseased pigeons, they're so cute and cuddly. Also tasty. Aww, we have the same eyes.
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    I was only mildly addicted to this one.
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    "...please donate the 50p you would normally spend on chocolate or crisps..." But I only buy multipacks, and they cost pounds not pence.
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    Ha, I read that as 'peeing in a basement'.
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    Can't wait for the day we don't need wires. My twatting rabbit loves them. @Akuma - Demon won't know what an amp is, he's from France or something.
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    If you've never seen this before (I presume the regular metal heads here have) then you need to watch this. If you're the type that doesn't like metal, this could change your mind \m/:
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    Oh, *calls off IRA assassination on Vicey*.
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    Yeah it was a double VHS set, came out in about '93. Must have watched it a gazillion times, one of the best docu-metal vids ever imo. Also, I regularly venture down Wood Street in Liverpool city centre to this place: It's small and the duke box is an antique with really bassy sound, imagine this place and this song and that's the Swan Inn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz_6jagv_D4 Paul Di'Anno (Maiden's original singer) sometimes plays there with his band 'Killers'. The street used to be lined with Hells Angels bikes but that's gradually faded out now, some great memories from there! Here's an info page - The Swan Inn Liverpool - You see the picture of a swan? That's on the way back down the stairs from the toilets. It's good luck to touch it on the way back to the bar (A little bit like the 'This is Anfield sign at Anfield, Liverpool Football Club's ground):
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    And they cost dollars, not pence.
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    Me at a 'Lern to spoke proper englund' rally.
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    You Casanova you, always trying to chat the women up on here aren't you. Is that a classic Scouse 'stache I see there? Scouser's haven't had 'staches since 1990...............or whenever Brookside finished. OMG SHOTGUN TERRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!