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    Yeah it was a double VHS set, came out in about '93. Must have watched it a gazillion times, one of the best docu-metal vids ever imo. Also, I regularly venture down Wood Street in Liverpool city centre to this place: It's small and the duke box is an antique with really bassy sound, imagine this place and this song and that's the Swan Inn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz_6jagv_D4 Paul Di'Anno (Maiden's original singer) sometimes plays there with his band 'Killers'. The street used to be lined with Hells Angels bikes but that's gradually faded out now, some great memories from there! Here's an info page - The Swan Inn Liverpool - You see the picture of a swan? That's on the way back down the stairs from the toilets. It's good luck to touch it on the way back to the bar (A little bit like the 'This is Anfield sign at Anfield, Liverpool Football Club's ground):
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    If you've never seen this before (I presume the regular metal heads here have) then you need to watch this. If you're the type that doesn't like metal, this could change your mind \m/:
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    Nice setup that. But look at that wire mess, lol. What's the box under the PS3?
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    Ha, I read that as 'peeing in a basement'. Well he WAS playing Fireman!
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    I'm willing to accept that if R* won't tell me something, I don't need to know it yet. No reason to dig anything up.
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    Could try accessing your files through c;/users/marney/ from another account, it should prompt you for a username to access them, just put your windows login details in and it should let you in, least that way you'll be able to save your files
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    Mod status or not, I've seen no indication of you playing Fallout. I'm going to have to ask you to leave this topic, sir.
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    It hurts me to wait on a release date announcement...
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    The Dead Money files have meshes and textures for the next DLC, and one of them is the Mt. Zion snow globe, which is where Honest Hearts takes place.
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    What does this one remind you of?
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    Here's the new Fallout topic. Fallout 4 discussion begins here: http://www.igta5.com/forums/topic/5-fallout/?p=183063
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