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    @dupzor - well the love and hate is only 5 damage points better than the regular spiked knuckles but, i still think it's worth getting... also, if your an unarmed kind of player, keep your eye out for the ballistic fist... it packs a shotgun-like punch that usually knocks enemies back, plus it can deal about 100 in damage if your unarmed skill is stellar... that is actually my favorite weapon in all of new vegas ... there's also pushy, a unique power fist located in a cave on the march up to jacobstown... be careful though, one of those caves up there is by far one of the toughest to get through... i call it cazador hell... there's also a zap glove which works like a pulse grenade and sends an EMP shock when used... perfect for robots and power armor... for energy weapons, if you haven't taken the wild wasteland perk, there's a unique gauss rifle way up north in an unmarked location... it's called the YCS/186 and it is a very deadly sniper rifle, usually dealing around 140 in damage if your good in that skill... it's NE of brooks tumbleweed ranch, north of north vegas... keep collecting the sunset sarsaparilla star bottle caps because collecting 50 of them yields an awesome unique laser pistol that deals over 100 in damage too... i won't spoil the location of that one though but, by the time you find 50 star caps, i am sure you've found the location as well... for melee the unique fire axe in camp searchlight is another great weapon to have (science skill of 50 required)... as well as the infamous chainsaw... you'll run across the unique super sledgehammer if you do the quest in jacobstown, which is probably the most powerful melee weapon outside the chainsaw... the chainsaw is wielded by some legion members once you get to around level 16 and above... and found rarely in stores after level 16 too... so is the always cool weapon, the shishkebab... hell, even the simple lead pipe is a useful melee weapon...
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    lol, this got downvoted. Win.
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    i spot a possible mission on page 3... http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showpost.php?p=4317524&postcount=46 also, the following photo claims to be from the 40's but, i didn't think the us highway system went into effect until the 50's... perhaps the person who posted the photo didn't get the facts right... i like this photo for some reason...
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    Too late, I'm addicted! interesting stuff. Inglewood, 1951 Two honky boi's in ingle! Possible drive by?
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    sorry ... it happens... i had captain crunch on the mind i guess... @marney - thanks, i'll check out that link sometime...
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    Yeah, body disposal should be an important part of the game, killing people without immediately building up a wanted level. Also, if you kill a lone cop without anyone else seeing it, why do you still automatically get a wanted level? They need to fix that. Someone should have to call 911 or find a cop before you get a wanted level. When someone calls the police, the search radius circle should pop up immediately, but if you leave the area before a cop shows up, you don't get the wanted level. I just want a lot more realism when dealing with the police. And of course, I'd like a little more customization. I don't want anything ridiculous like the San Andreas customization, I just want some reasonable options for my character's hair, facial hair, and tattoos, in addition to the clothing options, which I felt were reasonable in IV. I would like the next game to take place somewhere warmer though, so I'll have clothing options beyond coats and army surplus rags from Serbia.
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    Ferris wheel sniping, so I agree.
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    Pretty much. R* basically nailed the proper GTA formula with a different theme. RDR is a masterpiece.
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    Oh yes, I remember the topic you made. Did you ever end up liking the game at any point?
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    Drop the black strength bonus for agility. Only Ving Rhames, Michael Clark Duncan, Terry Crews, and that guy from Friday are strong, the rest are just fast.
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    Quote JT:"I hate being right all the time" - I wish Michael Fucking Pachter could say that.
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    I think Pachter should be first to face the firing squad, after all he's the one who gets people's hopes up with his expert opinions while the other dipshit just makes people laugh.
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    Love these pics: Photograph caption reads, "Photo-diagram of yesterday's holdup at Grauman's Chinese Theater, in which robbers escaped with two days' receipts of $15,000. Officer Crowley is shown firing at the trio, who return the fusillade, wounding James P. Thorpe, a bystander." Photograph dated July 16, 1929. And here's Grauman's Chinese Theater in L.A. Noire: Just come across this one: Pacific Electric mail car vs. automobile 1951 And thought of this one:
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    h Frogger on the same demo disc as GTA lol, and the original MGS has to be one of my favourite games of all time. I remember me and my mate were among the first in the UK to have a NES and we were in 'Club Nintendo' - it was a free magazine that came out about once every 3 months. We'd flick through our magazines and drool over the latest games like Metroid and The Goonies II. Ha, we even had Club Nintendo membership cards and 'personally' signed letters from Mario. My membership card was number 00213 or something, used to have loads of 1st edition magazines too, like EDGE - all in perfect condition...............gave them all away.
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    I used to use African kids as target practice, hard as fuck to hit when they're running though. Don't worry, they were only rubber bullets - I'm not that evil either.
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    Maybe, but if they are for GTA V, bicyclecommuter.com and bunnyhop.com could mean the return of the BMX!! Also, I didn't count them but at a Rainman glance it looks about a hundred.
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    There's a few real estate sounding ones there too, property ownership returning to GTA?
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    Violent video games should be banned. *Crawls off into corner, bursts into flames, shrivels up and dies*
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    L.A. Noire To Premiere At Tribeca Film Festival
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    Fly spray, we need to donate fly spray.
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    I think a few of them look like they could cost quite a few quid to buy, possibly thousands, and I'm not sure they'd pay thousands for an in-game web address. Then again, they might.