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    I think France could be alright, it depends. Sniping from the Eiffel tower doesn't sound so bad. I would expect GTA would want to directly compete with Saints Row 3, since it is their biggest competitor... that is unless they want to pussy out and avoid Saints Row.
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    Would be interesting to see if there does end up being a link. I mean GTA IV was originally supposed to be released in 2007, with work beginning right after SA released in October 2004, and I'm expecting to see GTA V in 2012. I'd be surprised if they had already started planning GTA V so far in advance. The time gap between III, VC and SA was much shorter so they could easily have had a basic plan down for that series. Would be kinda shit if it was set in France. There's nothing there except wine, bread, windfarms, striped jumpers and silly hats. I think though, if we get any subtle hints, we'll find them in L.A. Noire.
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    The problem with all the hints in IV is that they really don't mean shit in my opinion. To me they are just pointing back at the previous games since in the GTA realm the other cities are the rest of the world. GTA III had Carcer City as the "other place" and then the following games just pointed at each other instead of Rockstar making up new places.
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    There were minor things in each game. They mentioned San Andreas on the radio in Vice City, there was the pager message in GTA III where Ray mentioned Miami, and there was a flyer for Pirates in Men's Pants (Treasure Island) laying around somewhere in GTA III. It just happened that no one picked up on it until after the games came out. They mentioned Vice City pretty often in IV, that combined with the hints from the last trilogy supports the theory that they'll do the LC/VC/SA thing again. And the picture under the Liberty City poster has already been confirmed as the poster for the Viagra parody in the game.
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    Billy Pidgeon GTA5: Q3 2012 Release At The Earliest - I think we'll be getting the pre-launch hype from Rockstar by then, maybe a mid - late November 2012 release date.
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    Cheers, knew I could rely on you fellas!
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    Cheers Sheep, I'll give it a try.
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    Proper Victory Dances need to be incoporated in some way; press this button for tea-baggng squat, press that button for moonwalk etc. I like to humiliate my victims in multiplayer but having to run round round them and crouch, stand, crouch is too much effort.
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    Every time I try to log into my account on my PC the screen just flickers and returns to the login page. Mrs Marney's account and the 'guest' account work fine. Thing is, I have shit loads of files on that account and need to access them. I've no idea why it's happened, I wasn't doing anything different from usual when it happened. Has this ever happened to anyone else or has anyone got any idea what I need to do? (I'm talking about the log in page that looks like this)
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    I don't think anyone should look into the hints in GTAIV as there's no way Rockstar would have been thinking where to go next. The Ballad of Gay Tony 'Next Stop Poster' however, was probably just put there to create talk like in this thread. I reckon they're taking notice of what the fans want this time round. @Duff I also think if we're to see any hints, it could be via L.A. Noire. I already think I've seen a location hint in there for AGENT, but that's for another thread.