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    Here's the new Fallout topic. Fallout 4 discussion begins here: http://www.igta5.com/forums/topic/5-fallout/?p=183063
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    Its spring time. Go outside. Get Some Tea. Enjoy life. Ask Massacre whats next.
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    It's not like I did it. I don't recall voting you down at all yet.
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    That scene never even happened. Disappointing.
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    I totally see it. Never mind the watermark fail, I completely neglected that part. I also should've made it darker. Also, double posts no longer merge into one post. Weak.
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    Yup. It also has files for one item from the fourth DLC. The Fallout wiki says it's a table with claw marks in it, but it's likely just a few scratches, not actual claw marks.
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    The Dead Money files have meshes and textures for the next DLC, and one of them is the Mt. Zion snow globe, which is where Honest Hearts takes place.
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    It hurts me to wait on a release date announcement...
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    Mod status or not, I've seen no indication of you playing Fallout. I'm going to have to ask you to leave this topic, sir.
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    GameArena Interview - LA Noire - Jeronimo Barrera and Brendan McNamara
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    Every time I masturbate over see that pic, I always think of this one:
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    See, I wasn't going crazy ^ Also - L.A. Noire gets the Australian rating of: classification.gov.au You lucky b*****ds!
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    What's going on here then?
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    What does this one remind you of?
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    Cheers, knew I could rely on you fellas!
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    Quote JT:"I hate being right all the time" - I wish Michael Fucking Pachter could say that.
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    I don't really care about my rep count, you know that. In fact I'm quite curious to see what happens if it reaches -100. Anyway, there won't be a special edition for L.A. Noire. Can't remember the source of that info but it's official, so if anyone's holding out before pre-ordering in the hope that it will be available, it won't. Might as well pre-order one of these to save yourself buying the DLC in future: L.A. Noire Pre-order Also, I hope we get to see Elsa's tits, a space monkey told me that nakedness is not limited to dead women only.
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    I think Pachter should be first to face the firing squad, after all he's the one who gets people's hopes up with his expert opinions while the other dipshit just makes people laugh.
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    Every time I try to log into my account on my PC the screen just flickers and returns to the login page. Mrs Marney's account and the 'guest' account work fine. Thing is, I have shit loads of files on that account and need to access them. I've no idea why it's happened, I wasn't doing anything different from usual when it happened. Has this ever happened to anyone else or has anyone got any idea what I need to do? (I'm talking about the log in page that looks like this)
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    Now that's not funny.