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    Hello boyos... Just a small reminder that we do have limits on signature sizes. Images should be no larger than 550x250px and text should be reasonable. Just to remind you what 550x250px looks like: IPB 3 has bigger quote boxes than the old boards so if you have images, text AND quotes, just bear in mind it'll take up a lot more space than it used to: The light green makes it even more annoying when there are loads of quotes as you go down the page. Just something to consider when you're setting up your sig if you're copying it from the old boards. That's all for now! - Duff
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    I remember someone advertising their car for sale last year (or the year before?) - Psy get a grip, what is this, Ebay? @Nixxy I don't give to ANY charity so don't take offence that I don't give to yours, sorry. Edit: iGTA/ebay topic by Psy - My sister is selling her car
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    @DuPz0r See if an admin can move your 'portfolio' over here.
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    For me it's got to be GTAIII, purely for the fact it was completely different from anything else and everything I'd dreamt of in a game. The feeling that someone had created a game that I had wished for was amazing. Haven't played it in years and don't really want to because the graphics and being unable to jump etc would disappoint me. I like my memories of it, and that's good enough for me.
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    Concentrating on Rockstar Games' Latest & Upcoming Releases including Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto V & AGENT Now hosted by Invision Power Board using their latest Community Forum Software 3.3.1 What you see above and a whole lot more! We watch Rockstar Games. We watch them closely. Twitter @RockstarSpy 'An affiliate of iGTA5.com iGrandTheftAuto & iRedDead' May be ironing a few creases out yet as we only went live with the new version of the site on May 6th 2012. Originally launched October 27th 2010 Closed down July 6th 2012
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    GameArena Interview - LA Noire - Jeronimo Barrera and Brendan McNamara
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    Every time I masturbate over see that pic, I always think of this one:
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    See, I wasn't going crazy ^ Also - L.A. Noire gets the Australian rating of: classification.gov.au You lucky b*****ds!
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