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    I'm one of Massacre's subjects that overthrew the prototype crab-bots holding me hostage and escaped from the Warlord Industries HQ, the ironic thing is he rehired me as an independent product tester after hearing of my escape and i'm now getting slightly higher wages. I was also an OETWMIIAC inspector very briefly.
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    Everything about it is perfect, looks good, works smoothly and the profiles work very nice. I have no complaints.
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    I remember someone advertising their car for sale last year (or the year before?) - Psy get a grip, what is this, Ebay? @Nixxy I don't give to ANY charity so don't take offence that I don't give to yours, sorry. Edit: iGTA/ebay topic by Psy - My sister is selling her car
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    @DuPz0r See if an admin can move your 'portfolio' over here.