Game Artist Resume Lists GTA V and New T2 Website

Posted by TreeFitty August 15, 2011 : 17 Comments : 12,877 Views

A former Rockstar North employee by the name of Leigh Donoghue has a very interesting resume. Under his former employment at Rockstar North from 2005-2009 is the title Grand Theft Auto V with an expected release date in 2011:

This could confirm the title will be Grand Theft Auto V unless it is simply a placeholder within the company. Also interesting is his involvement with Agent. Even better? Among the GTA IV screens in the video game portfolio are two screenshots of Agent:

Agent screen 1Agent screen 1


Another bit of news is a little less confirming. A Take-Two owned website with the URL of has updated the main page with a title image and nothing more.

What exactly this website will be for is unknown. It could be for GTA V or it could be for another game. It may not even be for Rockstar Games. There is already a Twitter and YouTube account so whatever it is for will be revealed soon. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments below plus the GTA 5 forums! Thanks to our friends at and Hurrikane for the heads up!

Update: has been updated again and has revealed its developer to be 2K Games, not Rockstar Games. Both are owned by Take-Two Interactive.

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  • TF (Guest) September 04, 2011
    ^Look 3 comments above you.
  • xaml (Guest) September 03, 2011
    Check, the title says "Agent Profile", further, the "Archive" section states August and September 1960. It seems pretty clear what this is. ;-)
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 20, 2011

    He left R* in 2009...
  • Richy (Guest) August 20, 2011
    I think in GTA V he is referring to the year in which he worked on GTA V rather than the year it will be released.

    I'm gutted but I can't see it being released until 2013 nevermind 2011.
  • Qdeathsta (Guest) August 17, 2011
    That Citizen Skywatch thing is for bioshock... the IDD was in bioshock and thats what they are going on about in the forums...
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 15, 2011
    he changed his site around a little (saw it coming). The game portfolio is now at and only has a slideshow of the pics, minus Agent.
  • Marney1 (Guest) August 15, 2011
    Just me or has AGENT AND GTA V been removed from the resume?
  • TF (Guest) August 15, 2011
    So much for that website then...
  • Thedecoy (Guest) August 15, 2011
    the websites links go to 2k game forums...weird
  • THEdecoy (Guest) August 15, 2011
    really suspicious website. it's now available with some interesting stuff inside...
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