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No Man's Sky

03 March 2016 - 08:14 PM

Release Date: June 21st 2016.

I honestly thought this game had it's own thread... ah well.

"No Man’s Sky features an expansive, procedurally generated universe that players navigate using an upgradable spacecraft. Upon reaching new planets, players can disembark in order to observe and document alien flora and fauna within a user-curated online database.

Developer Hello Games warns that not all planets in No Man’s Sky are welcoming to outsiders. In addition to passively documenting their surroundings, players must adapt wilderness survival skills in order to fully explore the game’s harsh alien environments. Explorers must also learn new alien languages in order purchase materials and blueprints for ship upgrades."

All the trailers to date:


360° Video & Gear (smartphone) VR

20 December 2015 - 12:07 PM

We're on the verge of experiencing real VR next year. What with the official release of most of the big ones, like Playstation VR, Oculus etc. Those are going to be the real interactive VR experiences. But, we're now in the age of 360° Video Cameras. Which allows us to view live sports, music videos, and even films in 360° views. This is a passive experience, but i think it's going to be a big part of our future.

Has anyone been on youtube lately? There's plenty of 360° Video examples out there, if your smartphone or browser supports it.



If you combine this with google cardboard or any other third party headgear, you've essentially got yourself an early preview of what VR is going to be like. The reason why i say preview, is because it's still early days, and it's like comparing CRT tv to 4k tv. There's so much room for improvement, and it will happen soon.

If you haven't tried watching 360° Video combined with Gear VR, then i think you should go try it, even if you grab a cheap gear. It may help you decide whether or not you'll bother spending your hard earned cash on a PS VR in the future. For me, i've known about VR on smartphones for a while, and had an idea of what it's like, but never tried it until recently. Until you actually experience it, you don't quite know how it feels. And it is immersive, and a spectacular feeling, being able to look at whatever you want, because it's all about that freedom, which simulates you being there.



The down sides, i feel need improvements, and hope will be sorted out by the time gaming VR is a thing, is not frame rate, or resolution, but reaction time. Smartphone VR is just not quick enough at moving with your head, and the slight lag can leave you feeling a little nauseous.

Now i got the topic out of the way, has anyone here tried Gear VR with 360° footage? And is there a particular video that stood out as a game changer for you?

I'll post a few links up a bit later.

III; VC; SA on PS4

10 December 2015 - 08:20 AM

They recently released the classics on PS4 as download for £11.99. I think i might grab them after Christmas. Even though i have them all on every platform they've been released on.

It also comes with trophy support, in case you fancy platinuming them, and put them on record. For me, it's worth while, i haven't played the shit out of them since they were released on smartphone. Will totally be better with a controller.

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4k TV Problem

25 September 2015 - 02:55 PM

I just got a new TV, had my old one for well over 8 years, so i needed an upgrade.


It's a 50" Panasonic Viera 4k Smart TV. It's great, and looks sweet in my living room. But one thing that was bugging me from the moment i started watching it. All my favourite classic movies which i have on Blue-ray or 1080p copies of, suddenly felt like TV series, like a soap opera...  They almost lose their grainy look and aesthetics, and feel like you're sat there in the scene with the actors...


I'm sure some of you here know what i mean, if you've watched 24fps movies at 30 or 60fps. 


Well anyway, i looked it up on google, and sure enough it isn't just me. It's called the soap opera effect (SOE), it's a dynamic picture smoothing feature or something, which pads out the frames to make a 24fps, 60fps. It's gonna ake a lot of getting used to. Games look great at 60fps, but films, just lose their film feeling, and look ore like cheap TV episodes in my opinion.


My question is, does anyone here know how to turn this feature off? I'm on a Panasonic Viera.

GTA V R* Editor

15 September 2015 - 11:35 AM

Use this space to teach/learn how to maximise your use out of the editor.

My first quesion is how the fuck do you trim clips and soundtracks? I can see that you can place markers, but i've not been able to find a trim or delete button for unwanted clips or soundtracks...