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  1. i think the police shouldn't shoot at you if you stop moving and put away all weapons but if you have a 4 or more star they might choose to use their tazers but if you run they will shoot. they should also only shot if shot at. and maybe if you run (without weapons drawn) on like a 2-3 star wanted level, they would taze you to stop you. i think if they do have a tazer, they should not be able to hit you all the time, like if you run and turn they miss but if you stand still they'll hit. i like your ideas, well done
  2. i think fog should be fog and actually give you like a 20m visual range instead of like in GTA 4 where the fog meant the colour of the sky changed and every so often you'd get a big mass of gray across the screen. flooding... i think that should be localized to like the country areas and not the downtown or heavily built up areas. unless it is a flood of like 2-4 inches and you had to control your speed or the electrics would cut out and the car would stop (like in real life). but even then, i think it should only happen once you have completed the game or aren't doing any missions for a while and it should only last a few in-game hours at most
  3. yeah, but if you got a * for speeding and running reds it will mean the game will be very slow paced and the cops would be constantly after you which for the first 5-10 police chases and times being caught would be fun but for the rest it would get very boring and very annoying. i agree with the first part though. there is a need for speed game where if you evaded the police, you had to get to these special places where it sped up the police evasion bar and you got away slightly quicker. something like that would be cool and if the police were smarter. but that said, i would rather you be able to get a freeze wanted level cheat so you could counteract it if you wanted or like in driver 3 game, you could turn police on or off. that would be cool
  4. rock* had better come up with more info by aug or they are going to piss a load of people off. i hop it comes out between now and end of Nov. if Dec or later, i won't be able to get it
  5. i think may 31st of 2013 or maybe, he reason why GTA gave been quiet about gamescom is cos they will release it there and then or it will be released on aug 21st
  6. well tbh, the idea is great. though i will say i don't think it should be. maybe that damage but not the fact the wheels come off or the car is completely doubled up. i think that it should b like this and if it is, maybe the cop cars could have PITing bars ( is a pic of one) over the front bumper (or fender) but as you can see in the trailer, they don't have them, unless they had internally strengthened bumpers (or fenders) where the bumper covers up the metal bars and only allows scratches and minor dents. very good idea though, i do like it P.S, i didn't see the vids above, they are good but not too much different that what happens on he console version
  7. The game is not Grand Theft Police. Maybe for multiplayer, but not for the campaign. dude, it is just what i want, ok? if you don't like it, don't bother with it. in any event, i didn't say that i want it to PURELY be focused on police and crime, i said it should be MORE focused in police and crime. i would like it to have lots of vehicles and great continuity with NIO (non-interactive objects). please, don't bother with me again ok?
  8. what i want is for it to be more of a crime and police centered game. i mean, i want the option to become an officer and do crime-fighting stuff and for there to be random police chases where you can choose to get involved. also, you can choose to be a criminal and in the random police chases you can help the criminal escape. i also think it would be cool for you to be able to usurp your police status to con people and stuff like that. 2nd think i would like is it to be a free roam from the start or maybe only 2 areas like the city then countryside. i found the having to unlock areas got very boring because if you wanted to explore more you had to do the storyline which got boring and didn't give you any choice.