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  1. Based on what little we've seen, it looks like the missions will operate exactly like VIP missions, with a better theme. Guess I need some friends. Who hasn't left The Asylum MC yet?
  2. While the founders initially immigrated to New York, the American mafia actually started in New Orleans in the late 1800's. The New Orleans mob reached its height and subsequent decline in exactly the time period the game takes place in. Unrelated: The New York mob was at its best in the 70's.
  3. Probably the only game I'm buying this year.
  4. Not a chance. There's already jack shit to do in Los Santos; Rockstar isn't going to add new cities to GTAO with an equal amount of nothing to do. GTA may have become complete shit, but even that's a bit much for the new, more-fluff-less-real-content Rockstar.
  5. I just hope there's one in East LS. Everything east of the river has always belonged to us, and I'm not about to give it up. Now, expanding into Blaine County is a different story...
  6. FINALLY. Also, if you're redoing the Asylum MC emblem, you should use a nomad patch, instead of San Andreas. Just in case GTAO ever leaves SA.
  7. Jesus Christ.
  8. There are rumors of a good DLC coming? Is this based on anything, or are the same assholes as always taking shots in the dark again? I can't remember a single time they were right about something when the content for it wasn't already in the game's code.
  9. I'm a little buggered about Nuka World being based around raiders. There isn't a single chaotic or evil (not that I consider raiders evil) faction in the the main game, so it's a complete 180 for your character, unless you've been ignoring the main story and just acting like a dick the whole game. My Institute character became disillusioned with humanity and joined the Children of the Atom, in Far Harbor, so even he doesn't work as a raider. I like the premise, and I think it's a fun DLC, but there's nothing about the base game that makes it actually work as a story.
  10. I needed that suit. I did what needed to be done to get it.
  11. Only when I come into these topics and find someone's drunken ramble do I feel like I'm missing anything by not joining the crew nights.
  12. I must see this majestic stallion of a car.
  13. I can see it.
  14. I can say with absolute certainty that there hasn't been a single update worth coming back for, in the past year or so. If you were around for heists, you've seen the only content GTAO has ever had that was worthwhile. The rest is just overpriced cars and clothing and shitty game modes that are just repackaged deathmatches, all for the purpose of pushing out shark cards that by now have made more money than the game itself has. I'm willing to bet a sizeable sum of money that this post will continue to be accurate until the GTA VI installment of GTAO, and even that's being generous. I could write a college-worthy thesis on the decline of quality and care in the video game industry, in the past ten years. It is suicidally depressing how shitty this major part of my life has become.
  15. Please tell me your car is under there, somewhere.