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  1. Well, prohibition doesn't actually work, it just highly inconveniences.
  2. As a stoner, your personal freedom was always in danger. As an American, my personal freedom was always in danger.
  3. Trump has decided that legalization of marijuana, just like pretty much all the other progress we've made over the last 8 years, is a no-go. Gotta make sure those privatized prisons are meeting their minimum occupancy quotas, after all. Can't let that totally unjustifiable source of income die, even though legal marijuana would make significantly more money. Fun fact: Legal marijuana sales totaled $6.7 billion, last year.
  4. Plus, it sounds like Mike Tyson trying to say "purse."
  5. bOnEs, I'm concerned by how increasingly Asian your appearance has become, over the years.
  6. I keep thinking it's photoshopped. It's like seeing a crossover episode of two cartoons from completely different networks.
  7. I'm excited you guys finally got to fuck. I can tell from the smug satisfaction in your eyes that you were on top, bOnEs.
  8. Montana looks like he'd been waiting all night for the roofie to hit. Poor Jizzy.
  9. That is correct. We're all about needless divisiveness and a complete and total halting of our progress as a species. *Builds small wall between bOnEs and myself* Hey, man, I'm gonna need you to pay for this.
  10. So we murder all the children playing? Looks like it's on me to save GTA. I always knew it would come to this.
  11. Rockstar should notice that shit. The main organizer for the crew of the best GTA community to ever plague the internet takes a GTA hiatus? What else do they need to realize GTAO is pure ass?
  12. This has nothing to do with anything, but this is the first time in over a decade I've seen you say "yeah" instead of "yah." maybe I just haven't been paying attention, but, shit's weird.
  13. Sounds like a trap to lure me into an orgy. So, naturally, I'm intrigued.
  14. We can't spend Valentines Day together, bOnEs. Two beards of such great might... the world could not handle it.
  15. Not that I play GTAO anyway, but everyone else is talking about their dinner plans and it made me feel left out.