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  1. I don't expect it to save video game movies (Warcraft had a better shot than any other, and they blew it), but I think it'll be pretty good.
  2. We don't actually know that, for sure. The wide array of environments in the trailer actually make the map seem a lot more credible.
  3. Well, I'm not going to pretend I'm not annoyed that it's a year away.
  4. Finally, something worth playing. Inb4 Red Dead Online becomes a thing and ruins the series like GTAO ruined GTA.
  5. I made it through Watch Dogs just fine, and enjoyed it enough that I'm buying the second one, so I don't think some sub-par gunplay will bother me much, in this game. It looks gorgeous, and most of the bugs I've read about are the kind of shit you only notice if you're a nitpicking prick who's actively searching for things to bitch about on the internet. I did notice the streets are practically empty, in those last two screens. Is that often the case, or are there loading issues that mean pedestrians sometimes don't spawn? Also, I wonder how many of the people bitching about the driving actually know that you have two options.
  6. That's what happens when you piss off the most vocal bunch of assholes on the planet.
  7. This is the first update I've enjoyed since heists.
  8. Based on what little we've seen, it looks like the missions will operate exactly like VIP missions, with a better theme. Guess I need some friends. Who hasn't left The Asylum MC yet?
  9. While the founders initially immigrated to New York, the American mafia actually started in New Orleans in the late 1800's. The New Orleans mob reached its height and subsequent decline in exactly the time period the game takes place in. Unrelated: The New York mob was at its best in the 70's.
  10. Probably the only game I'm buying this year.
  11. Not a chance. There's already jack shit to do in Los Santos; Rockstar isn't going to add new cities to GTAO with an equal amount of nothing to do. GTA may have become complete shit, but even that's a bit much for the new, more-fluff-less-real-content Rockstar.
  12. I just hope there's one in East LS. Everything east of the river has always belonged to us, and I'm not about to give it up. Now, expanding into Blaine County is a different story...
  13. FINALLY. Also, if you're redoing the Asylum MC emblem, you should use a nomad patch, instead of San Andreas. Just in case GTAO ever leaves SA.
  14. Jesus Christ.
  15. There are rumors of a good DLC coming? Is this based on anything, or are the same assholes as always taking shots in the dark again? I can't remember a single time they were right about something when the content for it wasn't already in the game's code.