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  1. They went from finally giving us Biker DLC to... encouraging us to drive in the oncoming lane. Which I already do. Often.
  2. Syndicate is phenomenal. It really gave Black Flag a run for its money.
  3. A word of advice: Don't go into Primal expecting any semblance of a story. "Him throw rock at me" is about as deep as it gets. They're cavemen, after all.
  4. Ballistic weave everything? Fucking finally. I've stolen every unique outfit in the game from its wearer. Now I can actually use some of them. Dunno if it made it to consoles, but there's a mod out there that lets you layer armor over any outfit, which I'd want more for looks than protection. So many shitty outfits that just needed a couple of armor pieces to be great outfits.
  5. Law

    Then you're in the clear. Any interest in continuing the family business (whatever that may have been)? We haven't gotten an update on your situation in quite a while. World of opportunity opens up, once you realize that rock bottom is a gift, not a curse.
  6. Law

    There's no indication that the police are actually looking for the guy; he just hasn't updated his address. Also, in America, you're free to just rent out individual rooms of your house and aren't required to background check the person moving in. From a legal standpoint, it's more like having a roommate than a tenant. This may not apply to every state. The phone cannot and will not come back on you. If you disposed of it properly, they have no way of knowing what happened, and they likely won't ever bother you again. So long as your tenant is done with the shit that got him registered. But again, in that instance, just say you didn't know.
  7. Law

    You're not required to say anything, nor should you. Snitches get stitches. Just feign ignorance if anything comes of it. As of the moment you read this, you have officially forgotten everything you know about your tenant's criminal background. Enjoy your lifted burden. You disposed of evidence and likely interfered with an investigation or two, by destroying your old man's phone. You've done well. For what it's worth, your Uncle Massacre is proud of you.
  8. Give him hair. Literally all you're missing.
  9. You need a Bernie. Use the zombie butler mask, from Halloween.
  10. Kirkman has said several times that he won't kill Rick. He didn't start teasing that he might until the show started and became massively popular. Rick is safe, unless the show blatantly and permanently shifts to focus on a different character. Unlike GoT, TWD has a definite, indisputable main character, and that won't change, even if the role does.
  11. Meh. I bought a rat bike the first day, I don't have need for anything else.
  12. Every game is apparently a glitchy, bug-ridden piece of shit, nowadays. Everything I read for every game (cookie-cutter moneymakers like CoD excluded - surprise surprise) batters it for being buggy, but I never see anything of the sort, if I play the game myself. Review sites are just there to shit on something vaguely interesting, and praise what they're paid to praise. Witcher 3 was pretty decent. Not at all worthy of the circlejerk people had when it first came out, but decent. Their rabid fanbase is the reason Fallout 4 had such a shitty user score on Metacritic. That and those nostalgic mongoloids at NMA.
  13. My condolences. I've lost people to cancer. I hope she fares well and you and yours get through this in one piece.
  14. I'm worried we're in for another season of filler, actually. Negan pretty much shut everyone down, and it's going to be quite some time before anyone grows a pair of balls. Unless Carol does what she did to Terminus, once she finds out what's happened.
  15. Fuck, I never finished Fear. Wanted to wrap that up before this started back up. I'm starting to like FTWD more than TWD, if only because last season was kind of disappointing.