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  1. In a perfect world, grenade tennis would be an actual in-game activity.
  2. Not sure what it is standalone on PSN, but they bundled it with a SR4 remaster for $40, retail.
  3. But if Gold Members can bypass it, doesn't that defeat the purpose? I honestly just thought we were doing that to troll Q.
  4. Way more gay sex. Chills you right the fuck out. As long as they only cum when and where you give them permission to. A stray shot in the eye will undo any progress you're making. Avoid glory holes.
  5. I can't post these as neatly as usual, because I'm temporarily without a computer, and trying to post everything on mobile would be hell. Hopefully you kids like these. Tug Job Tug Job 2: Alamo Boogaloo Tug Job 3: Gettin' Booty I'm aware that I've missed every possible theme night these could have been used for, but I hope you guys give them a chance, at some point. Let me know if these suck, because I have a lot of handjob jokes left, but I don't want to make a half dozen jobs you guys won't like.
  6. I'd sign that shit. Going to start a new SR2 file tonight. Right after I finish something stupid I've been working on, for you kids.
  7. A Saints Row 2 remaster would be amazing. Hell, it would be more worthwhile than most remasters coming out, nowadays.
  8. I kind of want to back my saves up on a flash drive, and start a drunk file. I've never had one of those moments before.
  9. So, Rockstar's standard procedure of hyping big things and then releasing nothing, then?
  10. All I see there is a worthy addition to my apocalypse vehicles.
  11. It's a trend they started with Skyrim. Two meaningful DLCs, and some fluff. I won't ever expect anything as good as Obsidian's continuous four-DLC story again. That masterpiece was one time only. I really enjoyed the workshop mode, but I never would have been into it, had I known it would lead to lazy DLC with no real content. Cosmetic fluff that drains my painstakingly-acquired resources, with no story content? Sounds an awful lot like GTAO, to me. Expect TES VI to have its own workshop mode. At this point, TESO has more meaningful DLC. Might be time for me to give that a shot, honestly, despite the lore rape.
  12. I haven't touched this game since well before Contraptions came out. Whoops. Honestly, I might not bother. With the last real DLC not coming until August, and mods indefinitely delayed, I'd just be decorating houses. Like a post-apocalyptic Sims.
  13. iGTA theme nights deserve their own Newswire post. You niggas dedicated.
  14. The same can be said about every religion. At least the Children have some basis for their beliefs, as the vast majority of them are immune to radiation. Evolution doesn't run its course over 200 years, so no one has a scientific explanation for their immunity. People making up bullshit to explain what they don't understand (and to enforce their will and opinions on others) is what religion is all about.
  15. What's weird is that there isn't any chemical fertilizer in the game. Only chemical fertilizer is explosive. Otherwise you're just stuffing cow shit into a shell casing.