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  1. Pro tip: People don't handle it well, when you walk into a strip club with a gas mask on. People don't handle it well when you walk into anywhere other than a biohazard area with a gas mask on. Especially if you tell people that they are the biohazard. Some people can't handle honest social commentary.
  2. Today I learned that I can't remove spoiler tags from a quote, on the mobile site. Also, as an addendum to this list, I highly recommend Broad City. Pretty much the same thing as Workaholics, but set in New York and with two Jewish girls.
  3. Entered thread to remove it from unread content, ended up masturbating to a 6/10 white girl, then noticed the band in the video looks less masculine than the Backstreet Boys. What a journey I've been on, today.
  4. Watch Dogs 2 was incredible. They improved on everything from the first game. Highly recommend.
  5. Skyrim confirmed for Nintendo Switch. The console is officially relevant now. You know, as long as there are mods.
  6. You're in better company than you think.
  7. I used the same livery because it's identical to a livery I used on a car in Saints Row, a decade ago. The nostalgia was too much to pass up.
  8. I'm intrigued by WWI because, long before Syndicate, there was mention of an Assassin who operated as a combat medic in order to move freely through the battlefield. WWI spans a lot of different environments, and I'd definitely be interested in that. The Assassin fighting style is perfect for trench warfare. The trenches were so claustrophobic that every fight would be like top-tier hallway fight scene choreography.
  9. Ancient Egypt is what I've heard most. Personally, I think that would be a mistake. Ancient Egypt was almost entirely lacking the high rooftops and narrow alleyways that Assassin's Creed has become known for. The people who have been clamoring for Egypt for years don't realize how boring it actually was. It's like they imagined climbing a pyramid and gave it no thought beyond that. Moving the time period forward little by little is the best option.
  10. For me, at least, it seems like gaming is in another rut. Fallout, TES, and GTA are dead, for at least a few years. A lazy Skyrim remaster instead of the long-overdue TES VI put Bethesda off my radar for the foreseeable future. No word on Assassin's Creed yet, either. Watch Dogs 2 was perfect, but you only get one save file, so that ruins it. Guess I'm just waiting on RDR2, for now.
  11. It's possible you were looking at a bundle. I just looked, and it's $570. Which is still more than a PS4, and therefore retarded and overpriced. I'll drop money on VR when I can plug it into my brain. Until then, I'd just be swinging my arms around and fucking up my apartment.
  12. Oh Jesus, there was Jack the Ripper DLC? Yeah, I'm going to have to get back into this one.
  13. I didn't realize that was out. I assume it's only for the console version.
  14. Shit, I never saw that spoiler. I know I finished the main story, but I guess I must have missed some side stuff. You know what that means. Time to start a completely new file and knock out 100% of it.