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  1. i wonder how the missions underwater are going to work
  2. i can't imagen the voice in the trilaer on that body seems to wierd
  3. in a strange way i have already done all of the above just not at the sametime
  4. if i jumped on my bed and scarmed like a little girl when i saw the screenshoots what will i do when i get the game
  5. The only engine we got to hear properly was the red convertible revving at the traffic lights, and it sounded just as flat and lifeless as the cars in GTA IV. i said it was good they must have improved by now and yeah i agree what the point of having a sports car without a beast of an engine
  6. i like how this topic have been from nov 3 the nothing new happened everyone have the same idea. two protagonists not a good idea to me at least
  7. the car sounds in the trailer was good they must have improved by now the gun sounds i don't know i didn't play mp3 but i think the sound of the guns might be similar
  8. *Holds TreeFitty back* We're better than that, we're better than that, here have a sit down and a cup of tea. Also, I dare you to tell R* K they spelt privileges wrong. this video should be interesting i have slow internet so it may take a while ok i have seen whining fans but this is ti much
  9. i didn't play gta iv because i don't have a ps3 or xbox i got it for pc than texp70 error came up and i fished all the gta iii era games so i am not new to gta
  10. did anyone notice the gta v cover an the tv table not sure who is playing the game i think he is losing