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  1. image hosting 10mb limit
  2. As I wasn't around when you guys did mine... I'm obviously going to change the start grid for meet in the middle - I'm also going to remove the second slow down on Disco Inferno but any other suggestions for any changes would be great. Cheers
  3. As with most of the Brits I should imagine I'll be there but if the playlist takes a while to start I may not stay for them as work in the morning etc. Fingers crossed
  4. I've finished Disco Inferno and it's now available to use but make sure customs is off and I've tested it on a T20
  5. Hiii if you decide to use one of mine not sure which one you linked to but I'd use Meet Me In a the Middle instead of Disco Inferno... Disco was more just messing around with the creator and the other one is better... IMO anyway Ive played Kuz new one The Drippy Drip, was good fun
  6. Bones, seriously man don't worry about crew night it's all good... Sort your own life out and come back when you feel ready, that's waaayyyy more important. Gtagrl, I appreciate you feel the need to put kuz in some sort of place (even if it's unfounded because in my opinion he made valid points without going after anyone personally) but you should never assume. You know what happens when you assume? You make an ass out of you and me. You don't know what anyone has going on day to day so don't pigeonhole someone. It's a shame because your 1st post I mostly agreed with, but with decidedly turning this into some sort of war against everyone else, fanboy included, you changed this from a topic about Bones' personal life and helping him deal, to something unwanted and uncalled for. I have a lot of respect for you gtagrl but on this occasion I felt that was out of line
  7. The stunt races are really good fun. You guys should check them out if you haven't yet. The lampadi or something like that, is really good and not too expensive. It's not an amazing DLC but even I'm looking forward to the creator... Anyone say Cruise Control part 2?!
  8. I keep spending money out of sheer boredom
  9. I find my camera pretty amazing because it has a really impressive zoom. I use it mostly for concerts though so that's why it's important for me to have that, it also has anti shake and fast capture. It's far cheaper than you're wanting and probably not high tech enough but it's a canon powershot sx410 IS adele concert how far from the stage we were up close with zoom from seat to stage picture from my recent holiday
  10. The last few seasons have been a little bit meh but I think they did really great this time around. I am starting to dislike Piper more and more though. Best characters poussey alex red nicoles dogitt (sp?) If you've seen the 4th season you'll know why I'm a little upset by the finale but it was still great!
  11. This season has been on the slow side with minor "OMG" moments up until this episode. This episode was great. I heard there will only be 7 episodes in series 7 which is a little shit. I I really hope they have arya in the next episode, really enjoying her story.
  12. I dunno if anyone is still watching this, season 4 was added to Netflix a few days ago and I've finished it... Just thought i would say, if not you have to catch up just for this series season finale. So good.
  13. Yeah that doesn't show on my phone - looks like no more status updates for me, as can't get desktop site on there.
  14. Yeah the chat room thing would be a good idea. I do do like it though, before I hated the mobile site and couldn't post on the web one very well as the text box wouldn't display properly so I'm a fan so far. Im not sure how to post a status update on here anymore, mind.
  15. One lie is enough to question all truths