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  1. I have been a Ron Paul supporter since 2007. The way it seems to be here is that most sheeple over 35 or so in general just believe and do whatever the propaganda box tells them to. But most Americans under 35 are starting to wake up, that is what I'm optimistic about. Even just a few years ago, at the bottom of our Keynesian mess I would talk to people and they would be utterly clueless, That is not the case anymore, America is finally starting to wake up. We have a lot of corruption to take on and a lot of propaganda zombies yet to wake up but "we the people" will take this country back from these terrorist, war mongering, Keynesian politicians. I just hope it won't be too late. And yes, in many ways we are just a puppet of Israel. Zionism must be recognized for the evil it is. It seems as though many on this forum are from the UK. I have been listening to a hip hop artist from London for a few years now that is right on point with a lot of this stuff, he goes by the name of LowKey. He's probably more well known over there, but over here it seems as though I am one of the few to discover him. Now that the nutcase Santorum has dropped out it seems Ron Paul is gaining many of those delegates. I guess there was a brokered convention in 1920 in which a candidate went in with 6% of the delegates and came out the nominee, and went on to win the election. It really seems as though it is rigged though, so not getting my hopes too high. Honestly I can't even find a Romney supporter in Minneapolis, MN. We are told they exist but I don't think anyone has actually seen one in the wild. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP2BjpIYJLw
  2. If the dual protag thing is true, then I expect the second trailer to be very similar to the first one. Voice of protag 2 telling some vague things about his story, and some gameplay footage of the other side of the city (grittier, street life). Otherwise, I predict there will be some hints/answers about the protag and/or storyline with a few teases of new features. So basically, some protagonist/storyline questions will be answered for sure, nothing else will be answered for sure (release date, contents of map, etc.) other than R* throwing us a few bones.
  3. Hello, I'm Rhymesayer from Minneapolis, MN. 30 years old now with two kids, school, work, etc.. so not much time for gaming (outside of GTA that is). I love underground and old school hip hop. I am very athletic and active, I like sports, boxing, etc. Also love old school motorcycles "bobbers". I have been hooked on GTA since the day GTA III came out. That's pretty much it, just a knucklehead kid finally growing up a little. Glad to be here with other like minded GTA fans.
  4. In general I just hope to see missions or objectives that the game doesn't hold your hand through. I'm getting a little bored with the same mission over and over again just a different location or a different set of people to kill. The game tells you where to drive, who to pick up, what to do next, who to kill next, who to evade, who to call, and where to go next. You can pretty much beat the entire game without ever paying any attention to the storyline of the game, just shoot whoever they tell you to, then drive wherever they tell you to, and repeat. Drug deals gone wrong, then fighting your way out of the building and evading the cops is getting a little mundane, i swear there has been 50+ missions like that or similar. Mission that allow for multiple different strategies, or require some thinking or creativity would be nice. More options, resources, choices, etc.. I have some specific ideas but I think everyone knows what I mean, and we all have some ideas for this sort of thing. I hope R* can find a way to actually make the storyline relevant in the sense of how you play or don't play missions. Make a little more like chess as opposed to checkers. There are so many great ways they could do it. For some reason I have a feeling this was a major concern that R* will correct in GTA V.
  5. The New stuff from Too Short and Kurupt are totally whack, so is the majority of Snoop Doggs. In my opinion the only one that you listed that is still original is Warren G. But then if they go create specific tracks for V like some artists did for IV (like Nas) I am sure they will be dope. I agree, if they could get some of those old school west coast artists to come up with something dope for GTA V, because they certainly haven't produced anything worthy in quite a while. Main stream hip hop in general is kinda sleepy in my opinion. I just hope they don't put some garbage on there like Mac Miller, or any Young Money stuff, etc.. I have tons of good underground hip hop suggestions but it is kinda hard to come up with many main stream artists worthy of GTA's soundtrack.
  6. There are a lot of cool ideas that have been thrown out here, so I'll try not to duplicate too many of them. More customization in general; vehicles, player appearance, player skills, mission path, ect.. Maybe something like a longer term more vague mission. Such as taking out some kingpin or something where there are multiple ways to do it. You could use someone close to that kingpin to get inside, or use resources to find where he might be at a certain time, or just storm his compound with a crew and brute force it. I don't know, something that would require and allow you to think outside the box and choose how you want to accomplish a larger goal and complete some "self chosen" missions to accomplish that goal. Everybody might accomplish it in a unique way. I think R* could create that really well. The ability to hire out some work would be awesome too. Whether it be surveillance, CCTV, phone taps, pretty women to lure people places, certain hits, ect.. It would at least give you another thing to spend your seemingly endless supply of money on. I tend to lean more towards wanting the game to be very realistic but I understand that would not be best all the time and would sometimes take away from the fun factor, but I think R* tip toes that line pretty damn well. Soundtrack will hopefully be dope, if the game is set present day I hope to hear some newer west coast artists as well as the legends. Maybe Dr. Dre will finally debut "Detox" by allowing a couple tracks to be used. Game, Nipsey Hustle, Murs or better yet, Felt (Murs teamed up with Atmosphere). Maybe they could get some artists like E-40, Snoop, Too Short, Ice Cube, Warren G, Kurrupt, and others to do some new tracks for GTA V. Wishful thinking. Just throwing things out there as I really like a lot of the ideas that I have read so far.