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  1. Noooo! Dammit I'm missing zombie night?!! Have fun and I'll look forward to the pics!
  2. "The Captain goes down with the ship?...yeah...riiight" - Capt. Tatter to his crew. Getting stabby with The Dread Pirate Bones and Old man Dio. Jesus? Is that you? FanMan Overboard! Dread Pirate Bones Spots incoming Pirate Hunters Nothing we haven't seen before Best way to take over a boat is to take out the Captain! But don't forget to use him as a meat shield first though. And yeah, that happened. Whale Shark? Did you hear that? Of course that what it was. We got better height off of the police. Old Man Dio tries to board and FAILS!!! But then again I don't do much better. Bring it ON!! About 5-8 grenades later and we're both still we suck. Don't worry about that monkey. By killing the weak ones, I make the rest stronger! Kuz and Bones get blasted by GTAGrl Time to start Racing!! Well, shit! What kind of starting point is this?!! Forgot who brought out the Mesa. Tatter was that you?! Getting muddy Kuz is mesmerized by my BMX skills Outta the way! Back to racing and GTAGrl just givin' er EH! More Racing Tatter tries to murder me. But I'm saved! And together we go murder Dio The Flight to the Gordo Mountains. Over the objective we jump out. And head to the Temple. The bodies of those who fell to the traps of the temple. After a few tries the Dread Pirate Bones makes it through all the traps and gets the treasure. But GTAGrl wisely waits by the exit and steals the treasure and...falls down the mountain. After the first tumble she gets up and...falls down the mountain...again. Gotta give her props. She survived both falls and cleared some distance! And that's all I got.
  3. What happened to Off-Road Night?!!! I'm pretty sure the Upcoming Events was supposed to look like this: Upcoming Events: August 8 - Off-Road Night August 15 - GTA Tribute Night August 22 - Bums Dio may have been hitting the rum too hard.
  4. Ok. First again. Probably helps that I'm not having to go through 50+ clips. Here's what I got last night: First line up of the night: Supercars in a mud pit, because why not? After Dio stole my Tank I found a nice ladder but messed up my punch timing and fell rather than the intended Trust-Fund-BMX. You got lucky BMX! Can't have an iGTA night without explosions. Hmmm. This aerial fight didn't go so well for me....and I just realized this might be the only shot I got from the first playlist. Wow kinda dropped the ball on that one. Back in freemode BMX and I found some nice rides and even fooled Dio into thinking we were the cops. Like I said, iGTA night = explosions. You wanted a storyboard Dio?! Well here it god damn is! Chapter 1: The Traitor Chapter 2: The Break In Chapter 3: The Comedic Relief Chapter 4: The Escape Chapter 5: The Set-Up Chapter 6: Payback's a Bitch Chapter 7: iGTA Finish Aaaand back to playlist pics. Took more on the second one. "No, please, after you. I insist." said no iGTA crew memeber. Dammit BMX! I got money riding on you!! At least drive the right way! Lucky? Hmmm. Maybe... ...Then again, maybe not. Back to freemode and couldn't find anything really interesting with Bones in passive. This is the best I got of that test. Jizzy got a little too excited and killed Bones before he fully became NPC-Bones. Also, that's what you get for parking on the grass. Really, who the hell puts supercars on grass?!! After we helped Jizzy build up his strength by letting him kill a horde of Zombies. Needless to say it got out of hand and Jizzy, R2 and Dio were soon overwhelmed. It was obvious they needed help, so I mustered up all my courage.... ...and ran away. I'm sure they'll be fine. Well the screaming stopped. Probably means they won...right?....helllooo?...anyone?...shit. That's it! Hope you enjoyed.
  5. Hmmm. There were some pics that didn't get uploaded. Didn't realize it until I saw Dio's pics. So here's the rest: Dammit Fanboy! You should have been riding the special bus with us not driving it!! End of the night. Ok, NOW that's all the pics I took.
  6. Boo Yeah! First time putting up pics first!! Classic crotch rocket A-holes holding up traffic. The Fuzz even joined in for a closer look at our bikes. Sorry BMX. Didn't mean to run you off the road...but at least I got a nice shot! Hmm. What's that under the bridge? Only one way up... Landing it is the tricky part. Pose. Why hang out in a parking lot when you can hang out under a bridge? Just don't look down. Never forget this is GTA..."Your bike or a respawn!" Nice view from up here. BMX claims that it was river water in his eyes but I'm pretty sure those were tears of regret when he drowned this van he found. Arriving at D's Clubhouse D's MC Clubhouse full up. Bones paying the price for leaving before Me. And that is all. Few pics and none from the jobs. Next time I'll get some of killing and stuff. Promise.
  7. Just writing here to fix the order and it looks like you guys and gal had some fun!
  8. Testing to see if it's locked and trying a different way to upload SUCCESS!! Bah! Can only upload 4mb. Oh well. I'll use both methods then. Aaand that's it.
  9. Meeting up at Bone's office. You should fire your secretary Bones. You can't see it here but there are a lot of missed calls on that phone. He must've been distracted by Bone's new boobs. NavaDio, Transgender Bones, and Cheech Not sure why but Kuz seemed very confused this session. He was really intense about changing the channel of that painting on the wall. GTAGrl came to watch and Weev took a pic. Cheech and NavaDio watching Weev shoot at an invisible barrier outside the window. Time for the BMX Park. NavaDio's got skillz. NavaDio showing off while Bones stands ready to fend off any beach bums that come over to hit on him...her?....whatever. OGBMX not living up to his name while Weev and NavaDio tear up the park. GTAGrl...just kinda there (If it's not a 360 back flip with a tail whip or better, then it's not worth her time). More bike park fun... ...and more... ...we're just too good... ...god damn it! That wasn't my fault!! Don't blame me, this is GrandTheftAuto! Oh Weev, that's what you get when you bring a BMX to a Scooter fight! You should probably watch where you're driving Weev. That's right GTAGrl! You tell them!! "GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!" Well not many pics. Wasn't there for long, kinda the same situation as Bones except without the getting dropped part...or being American...or having boobs.
  10. Now to make a rush job on my impersonation,..and get these chats back in order!
  11. I have very few pics for this one but here they are:
  12. Ok. No order just pics for speed sake.
  13. Here are my shots of the night. Weev, Dup and I getting our pic taken. Then everyone else saw what we were up to and jumped in. Our cars Our hoods. Dup need to stop skimping on car repairs. We do repair our cars a lot during crew meets. Some explosive posing At the hillbilly chop shop Dup, Dio and I kicking up some dirt. Dup hooking a celebrity up with a speedball to earn some money to pay for his car hood. You need some more sun Dup. Just saying...
  14. Well here's mine. Only three shots. A record for me. I save my free space for the posed shots. Gotta say that I actually liked one of the ones Bones took as the best one from this scene since it made it look more like it was from a concert. IGTA Rockers with their one fan. Rock on! Most of us figured out which was the air guitar animation. In my defense I specifically heard "rock" animation.
  15. I'll probably dress as a groupie since I haven't seen many of them around...but then again