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  1. I have a feeling the story is going to pick up right where red dead left off You have US Army training grounds Funston, Doniphan, and Cody. All places north or slightly west of Texas, still in the Mid-west. Camp Cody is in New Mexico and the art looks like it could match that. Edit: Last to the left looks like Jack too
  2. Red light cameras are bullshit. I have to pay $80 but the light was only red for 0.6 seconds, it says it on the thing. Fucking crooks last thing I fucking need right now

    1. Qdeathstar


      They got red light cameras in my cities too... The only ticket I've gotten was for turning right  without stopping on a red once... Didn't know you had to stop.. But I drive about 400 miles/week... Just know which lights have the cameras and pay attention... 

  3. Troubling times ahead, mom likely has breast cancer. Keep her in your thoughts for me. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Brian


      Hoping it's something like that. Thanks Q. 

    3. bOnEs


      why am i just now seeing this?! sorry to hear that... my mom went thru it too when i was a kid, she survived... here's hoping to it being nothing, man B) 

    4. Brian


      Imaging showed two large masses and several small ones as well as in her lymph nodes, biopsy tomorrow and MRI soon. Genetic testing for her and they recommend I get it done too. Biopsy results next week. Thanks for the words Bones

  4. Amazon has great kits if you're actually serious for pretty cheap. Did it on my old car. Fed the wires through the fire wall and put a few fuses in. Here's how the wheels came out
  5. Got a nice collection of cigars going, but no humidor. Idk where to start.

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    2. Ginginho


      Do it like a prez... use a Jewish girl...

    3. gtagrl


      Grab her by the humidor?

    4. Brian


      I have an Italian girl

  6. Gonna plastidip my wheels black, and also paint my calipers red. I already plastidipped my emblems black, left the "." in 5.0 red. Will post pics soon. Next planned mod are louvers in the back like this
  7. Got to drop my shitty professor... where's the hot one's at?

    1. bOnEs
    2. Bronson


      My dick nigga!!!

    3. TreeFitty


      Idiots look for hot professors. Smart people look for the hot TAs.

  8. The IT guy tasked with secretly deleting Hillary's emails asked reddit how to do so using an account name linked to his real name... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH



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    2. Bronson


      Fucking Brian....

    3. DuPz0r


      Anything to get Trump in power. I'm looking forward to world war three, maybe we'll have an apocalypse to live through. 

    4. Brian


      Hillary's the one who hates Iran and Russia enough to probably start a new cold war, alongside giving Iran the cash it needs to build a successful nuclear weapon. Nothing against the Iranian people, but they have a crazy theocratic government surrounded by powerful or unstable Sunni Muslim nations. The Iranian government hates us too. 


      Trump won't start another world war. He'll secure our borders and increase national security. I'm fine with this. He'll probably take on a moderately performing economy and hopefully keep it bullish.


      At the end of the day, Trump over Hillary.

  9. Even since GTA V I can't unsee selfies like they're taken in the game
  10. Canon Rebel T4i and the cheapest 50mm lens Canon offers
  11. King's Park Psychiatric Center
  12. Just got a ceramic coating done


    1. Qdeathstar


      What is that?

    2. DuPz0r


      It protects your paint job from general wear'N'tear, and makes it look ultra glossy. 

    3. Brian


      9H hardness too so it lasts a very long time, typically 5+ years and doesn't need wax or sealant 

  13. College ain't that bad

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    2. Brian


      I was reading on something about getting certifications in automation software, so I can be the guy a company hires to automate their accounting. 


      Or like I said go to law school, robots won't fight cases.

    3. Synch


      Automation is the shit in every facet of industry. 
      We are all CCNA certified in engineering/automation but
      writing simple code in automation to start will peak a natural interest.

    4. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      You should drop out like I did. 

  14. One of my favorite shows. Haven't started season 4 as I like to watch everything in a short time frame. Didn't wanna watch a few episodes only to have to wait a few months to finish it.