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  1. It's nice that they're building in warnings and giving you time to vacate, but I still don't want to be in a lobby with people I don't know in the first place. People suck and I hate them.
  2. I guess we got similar clips so we ended up with similar shots. Still a great week for photo ops tho My lot from bulldozer shenanigans Okay, so when I was lining up this shot, I noticed something funny happen with my mask...look it's normal but a couple of frames later, my character's face shows through, but like Two Face Peek a boo Anyway back to shenanigans - trying to fit my Rat Bike on the bucket along with 4 people Didn't really work too well Totally worth the effort Jizzy staring at the lineup Ragdolling as the bucket rises Our driver is a VERY GOOD BOY This combo theme is a winner 10/10 Jackals agree BMX has a full bucket But only JFK stays in the bucket for the getaway Now we've moved down to the can actually see DiO's Phantom Wedge parked up the beach Emblem fail (Phantom suspense) Trying to raise the bucket when all four are inside, but the bookends fall off Look Fancat, DiO's Wedge is over there I actually had a cat saved before I saw the crazy ape mask, we were halfway to the MC Pussies Speaking of that Wedge the shadows made me Next few from a race. My flaming Wolfbane with my MC name place, Dirty Jackals, which works perfectly with the crew emblem a corner I did well Overtake on Fancat Jizzy coming in hot with the hatchet job Karma is a bitch though, courtesy of Fancat Since the selfies weren't enough apparently, I also took a clip from this barn roof lineup That picture perfect sunrise DiO's Chimera has a twinkle A flyby A very photogenic theme. We'll have to do it again sometime.
  3. As always, let's start with a selfie or three! Me, DiO, bOnEs and Fancat better angle Me and DiO At the Dirty Jackals MC Also my bikes JFK was AFK but he made for a good model A 4-pack of Trouble We filled on side of the members' parking Convoy out of the city Riding five wide and laid back BMX's flaming pug is catching up in style The sun is coming up by the time we pass Mount Gordo Couple of nostalgia-type shots Also, Jizzy says fuck you Love how the emblem looks on my Zombie Bobber bOnEscat coming in for the kick It sticks The face plant That sunrise tho Coming in to Paleto, looking for the Hen House Getting me to turn around JFK gets cozy with the hydrant Glam shot of the Hen House lineup There was a bit of a thrusting chain going on Great collection of hat-mask combos. Also, confirmed - all biker helmets are bulletproof, not just the ones labelled 'combat helmet' Top down on the bikes More to follow, next I have bulldozer shenanigans to review!
  4. I haven't gone through mine yet either, we can change it on Monday night. Thanks for posting the topic, DiO! I already have the blue racing suit and Weev helmet saved, it's also set as my racing outfit, so I'm good to go!
  5. These have been practice for an upcoming wedding in fact, I am doing the largest order I've ever done for good friends who are getting married this summer. ^^^The chocolate/vanilla minis were for a retirement party, ^^the full-sized vanilla were for a bachelorette party, and the ^mini blues were for a baby shower. My tablet's camera didn't capture the tint very accurately, but it did come out pastel BLUE and not greenish, which as I learned during my research, is one of the tricky parts of tinting frosting blue. The more you know! /Me nerding out over buttercream: I'm glad the blue worked out, because I usually never use artificial colours in my baking. In the past, I've successfully used raspberries to make tulip-pink buttercream, and blueberries to make a lovely pale lavender, I cook down a few berries to concentrate them and then strain out the solids and cool the remaining liquid. One time, I used liquid colour drops to try for a candy-orange and it came out this fleshy hot pink - very unappetizing. I ended up turning it into chocolate frosting to hide the bad colour. For this baby blue, I used gel colouring made for frosting and fondant, and it definitely is easier to work with, you just have to be careful and go slowly. Plus the gel doesn't fuck up the consistency like liquid colouring does, so it still pipes beautifully. I'm still trying to figure out a good price list so that my ingredients and materials are covered, plus a bit of extra for my time. People seem to really like them, even people that don't normally like sweets, so that's a great sign. I don't want the trouble of setting up a counter at farmers markets but will gladly do small batch custom orders on the side.
  6. The standard, power armor and tricentennial editions are listed on the .CA version too, but still 'unavailable'.
  7. Moar cupcakes. My whole house smells like vanilla.
  8. ^ It's "currently unavailable" on, and "out of stock" at EB Games and Best Buy. So a pre-order isn't even possible yet for me.
  9. We'll see...
  10. Hell, they've even cut back on the already-short list of voice actors by having no NPCs...
  11. Howard said in the Q & A each area has its own quests, and also recurring events. We can build a camp pretty much anywhere, but not in certain zones where events are triggered/spawn. It is possible to pack up the camp and relocate it, but it does mean blueprinting the floor layout and setting it all down again on the new terrain. Damaged structures can be repaired. Setting off a nuke will create a hot rad zone on the map, and affect that region's animals accordingly. This. I get including access if you pre-order, but making it conditional is a bit of a slap in the face.
  12. I still have concerns, but am hoping it'll sort itself out, because I really want to play it!
  13. I do wish you could sign up for the B.E.T.A without preordering it, I was super-excited to test drive it and make up my mind afterwards. I'm not in the salty camp (although I understand why those of you who are are cranky about it), just in the undecided camp. If I was able to play solo or only with fellow crew mates, I'd be a shoo-in. But until Bethesda explains how it's possible to play 76 without being griefed by the Squeakers of Atom, I'm on the fence.
  14. No offline. Even playing solo, you'll see other people No NPCs, robots only, also terminals PvP being worked on to balance interactions and griefing Real time aiming (so no V.A.T.S. slowdown?) Mods and private worlds in their plans but not available at launch
  15. I'm staying neutral and optimistic at this point, need more details to know if it'll be worth getting, but so far it looks appealing. Agreed about trying to play a game solo if it's been designed to be multiplayer - unless there are certain features that are adjusted if you launch a solo lobby. Questions are still up in the air: If there are no NPCs at all, does that mean someone playing solo will literally be alone on the map, other than in-game enemies? If you do hook up with a buddy to do some 2-person co-op, and they've triggered a nuclear bomb in their world but you haven't in yours, how's that gonna work? ...among many others.