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  1. My in-game phone snaps... This one's for you, @RedDragon2570 Playing with fire This took a long time to blow up properly So we kept shooting it... at dog food while horsey Engineering Pure #shenanigans A horseless intermission - Red, DiO and Nemo Nemo, sCaR-jO and Kuz For Act II, I put on a tailcoat ...selfie with bOnEs and Casey I'll post more later after some Editor time.
  2. Make me banners and I'll post the topics. Red wasn't late, last week was a one time thing for him, he normally won't join till 9pm EST (10pm our time, we live in the same zone). Weev, tbh I wasn't sure what happened at the time. Was glad when you came back. I actually took clips this week, plus snaps to share. I might even make a video of us getting in and out of Nemo & DiO's cars...
  3. Been sick as a dog lately so I'll probably be on the quiet side, but will be there with horse head on.
  4. My theme is always
  5. How about crew blue, take a break from themes. We can do a fan favourite like Apocalypse or MC the following week.
  6. Found a nice shot of mine... From tuner night in February 2016.
  7. Welcome to the forums and the iGTA crew! After last night, you're pretty much family...
  8. I have the same livery on mine!
  9. Sesame oil dressings are also great with quinoa, or try a theme like Greek (feta, lemon, oregano, olives, onions, peppers, artichokes).
  10. Yay! Low and slow...
  11. I think I've cleared most of the city except for the two highest level districts. As usual, I've worked more on liberation than the main story, it's easier to do main quests when you've already liberated that region. I think I was just starting to do more train missions to advance the story as a way to level up. I actually can't recall where I am in the DNA sequence map, I don't think I've played it since November. I'll let you know next time I'm online.
  12. I like how the forums turn from green to red if you're in the Red Dead section. Nice touch, Fitty. 

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    2. TreeFitty


      Been like that for a while but no one's been using that section for months.

    3. gtagrl


      Well I finally noticed. Nice touch, bOnEsy! :bones: 

    4. Qdeathstar
  13. I did see it (but didn't click the video) on Twitter. I have to get back into Syndicate - been distracted by holidays, GTAO and Just Cause 3 lately, but am looking forward to returning to this world. Now when we watch shows/movies that are set in London, I'm starting to clock buildings that exist in the game map, same as I do with NYC and LA because of GTA.
  14. /Updated OP, for what it's worth. We can resume weekly topics after today, figured it'd just be easier to corral all the Festive Surprise stuff into one topic. So, what do you guys want to do next Tuesday? We can share on Twitter and the PSN community page to get word to the folks that don't come to the forums regularly. Also, there's been some discussion of doing crew nights on Mondays, not sure if that was one-off talk to catch the last day of in-game anyone interested in moving crew nights from Tuesdays back to Mondays all the time again? I'd like to hear your feedback - is anyone not available on Mondays?...would Mondays work better for you? Speak up - I'm game either way, wanted to bring it up and see how everyone is feeling.
  15. I have Monday off too, so that works for me. No theme is fine. Do we want to move crew nights back to Mondays in general, or just a one-off for tomorrow?